January 4, 2011

5 Points of Effective Corporate Website

Effective Corporate Website
Corporate website or company website is key element of building brand in online. It also usefull to get new clients in addition to its function to provide information.
On this occasion we will discuss some key elements that must be contained on a corporate website design. Ok,lets just get started.

Slogans and taglines for company

Could be part of the logo, or not. But to be sure, the function of the tagline is to summarize product or services offered by companies to consumers. So that visitors already know the outline of the company instantly. It usually use 2 words to 2 short sentences, if it exceeds that, it would be "a tagline" no more.

Company Information and Contacts

Certainly, this section must exist in corporate websites, this allows visitors to get to know the background of a company, services offered, even to the board of directors if necessary. contact info is also very important, including phone numbers, email and a certain address. the addition of a map of the address would be great (You could use Google Maps service).

Services & Products Offered + Pictures

Product info must be communicated with ease so that visitors can quickly capture the goals of this company and about the benefits to be obtained by consumers. Better yet, if it comes with the photo of the product. It's recommend to use the services of professional photographers to highlight important elements which exist in the product.

Some companies are selling intangible products (services and digital goods). For this case, we can just using the actual product image . It Can be a portfolio or photos of event that being held (for event organizer Company). The point is to display the products on offer as clearly as possible.

Call to action

Usually a button with the words e.g "Order Now - Get 35% Discount." Could also be as simple as: "Contact Us Today!". The goal is to convert visitors into potential clients that we can contact and eventually can become our client. In the end the goal of all commercial websites are for conversion isn't it? :D


This section is usually ruled out on the corporate website. However, if it's used properly, even a blog can be one effective marketing media without having to throw a big expense. Use a blog / news to provide interesting info relating to products or services from a company other than as a media company press release.


Sustain Ability






Duchy Originals


A design of a corporate website does not have to be boring. In order to produce designs like the example above we must first explore the vision, culture, products and value of the company. After that we just may decide to highlight important part of the company, only then we went into the design stage that can support the vision, culture, products and value of the company without forgetting the element of easy communication received by visitors.

What do you think? Does corporate website design that must forever boring? Or is there another way for the company's website can be the center of world attention over the internet? Please share your thoughts in the comments section :)

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What an interesting article.Thanks for sharing with us these helpful tips on how to build an effective corporate website.Keep posting great article!


Thanks for this post, it's a good guidelines in creating a corporate website design. Internet has been a big help in the success of many company and a corporate website is really necessary if you want your business to grow. In creating a corporate website, the design should be done carefully and wisely to leave an impact to the visitors online.