March 12, 2011

4 Great Freelance Sites For Freelancers

great freelance sites
So you want to be a freelance worker and wanted to try some in advance and understand the characteristics of the freelance market. It often appears on the minds of prospective freelancer and will instinctively wondered about where and how the online freelancers get a project and how to start a project respectively.

Great Freelance Sites

It is always better to ask prospective freelancers directly to the seniors who have been in this field or a direct dig it. If you decide to jump into this area is a good idea to try some of the sites under this project providers. I would recommend some sites such as:


Great Freelance Sites

To start an online freelance activity is good that we try to outsource this site because a lot of simple projects that we can take from. Some examples of existing work such as repair of a site, the addition of these features, layout, and construct a site from scratch.

This online freelance sites addressed in

The advantages

In addition, disbursement of money on scriplance can be done in various ways, and the size of liquefaction depends on the individual freelancer. The experience of the author disbursement of funds through wire transfer takes 2 business days. The following types of disbursement of funds supported by scriptlance.

* Check - Regular Mail ($ 3 fee)
* Check - FedEx Overnight ($ 38 fee)
* Paypal (No fee)
* E-Gold (No fee)
* Moneybookers (No fee)
* Payoneer Debit Card (No fee)
* Bank Wire ($ 25 fee)

On the scriptlance no minimum bid is made, so as to make the bid as much as possible adjusted to the level of difficulty of a project.


Low price

This site has many project owners that provide a very cheap price, because many competitors from countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh which provides a relatively cheap price. So prices are falling.

The prohibition to publish personal data

In addition, we can not publish personal information such as phone, email, IM or link that leads to personal information either on the message board or in the bid message. Violating this rule may result in termination also get a warning or account.


Escrow is not required on this site, because every buyer is free to determine whether to put money into an escrow account or after the project completed. Therefore there are many scams for new providers.


Great Freelance Sites

For the beginner RentACoder is one good option to try without the need to pay. In addition, this site is very professional which is responsible for site owners and team management with the site possesses.

Disbursement of funds at this site using:

* Snail Mail Check
* Western Union (wire / telegraph)
* Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard ®-economical and Convenient recurring job options
* Pay Pal

This site is addressed to:

The advantages

Transaction convenience

RentACoder is to provide comfort and security of transactions both hearty providers (freelancers) or to the buyer. Each log conversations will always be stored in the system and report system provider will always be asked once every 1 week.

If there are problems with the project either from the buyer and the provider to issue a report to the admin to help resolve the issue through to completion based on a conversation logs, reports and confirmation from both parties.


On this site every buyer (project owner) must pay some money to the system before the project begins so that each project be paid by the owners of certain projects.

The proper and appropriate deadlines

Project deadlines will be made in accordance with the approval of buyers and providers so that each project will be on time and if the buyer does not give the news for a certain time we can report the buyer, and the proceeds of the transaction will go into the pockets of providers.


No Instant Cash Disbursements

Unlike scriptlance site can withdraw funds at any time, this site offers the disbursement of funds every 2 months once a month, by mid-month and end of the month. So that we can not accept direct result of our transaction.

massive cost cutting

Every transaction conducted at this site would make cuts of 15% of project cost and in addition to disbursements will be charged for n $ depending on the service used.

Expert Guarantee

It is a service provided by RentACoder, this service will cause us to pay for n% project when the project is approved. This function is intended to give confidence to buyers that we can complete the project. When the project is not completed then we have deposited money will automatically disappear. In Indonesia, more familiar with bank guarantees.

Navigation confusing

Of all the sites I have ever visited, this site has a pretty bad navigation! If you are not familiar with the existing panels maybe you will find it hard to understand this site. It's good for a trade to be able to visit the help page that has been provided.


Great Freelance Sites

Elance is one of the favorite sites of the freelancer, this site is the site of professional freelancers. In addition to the unsightly appearance of this site also gives the division of labor in a specific category.

This is a site paid to follow a project where we have to give the connect that we have bought on this site. This site is addressed to:

The advantages

Help page

Elance provides a comprehensive help page, either in the form of video or textbase. With text search capabilities will help facilitate our search for relief is expected.

Project Search

Elance provides a search page using ajax project, by providing a complete parameters you can find a suitable project. In addition there are projects by category.

Project Restrictions To Any Provider

Each provider will get a maximum of 60 the connect so that each provider will be limited to sending only 60 proposals in each month. Because it is the competition between providers can be more restricted. So the chance to win the project became larger.


Paid Sites

This site is a paid freelancer sites, and has a diverse membership plan. The more expensive the membership will give excessive profits. Even so we still can try to use this site for free service by using 3 connects free every month.

Cutting Project Value

Although we have made the payment of membership, we will still be charged the project by 4% -6% depending on plan membership we have done on this site.


Great Freelance Sites

ODesk is one of the freelance sites online where we can meet the buyers directly through a special application. The application will record all of our activities while working on a project and the buyer can directly supervise the computer screen that we use through the capture obtained through an application.

This site is perfect for people who want to earn income calculated hourly. This site will make cuts of 10% to providers who have a project, be it a project or project base hour time base.

Before you can become the provider must first take a test about how to work this site. So everyone will understand how it works.

Currently I can not give deficiency on this site. Here are some advantages that I think is good on the oDesk website.

* Free Test for all areas of ExpertRating
* Home Help that is accessible
* Changing the data provider-friendly
* Free registration
* Navigation friendly
* Search project that is easy and friendly

This site can be accessed through

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This is an informative and useful post. Thanks.


You’ve got great resources here; with these sites freelancers has better chances of getting a client. When you are planning to work online you must possess the skills and expertise because the competition on each task is very high and the chance of getting hired is low. Compared to the person that has no skills and expertise, it is way too hard for you to get a job. However, there are also some freelance tasks that don’t need skills and expertise just like data entry. All you need is a good typing speed and time management in order to be successful with this business. In additional to the list is where you can look for freelancers for full time work.