July 21, 2012

Graphic Design Inspirational Sources #25

Graphic Design Inspiration
This is a weekly article on Jayce-o-Yesta Design Studio which contains compilation of interesting links on the internet universe every day. Intended as a medium to always follow the trends happening in the world of graphic design and visual arts, it includes a tutorial, , tips, information, and articles as a means of learning and self-development to make it better. Happy reading and enjoy!

1. Celebrating the majesty of the London 2012 Olympics logo

Graphic Design Inspirational Sources

London 2012 Olympic logo drew criticism from the community of graphic designers and a range of branding experts around the world. But Joe Stone (a graphic designer) has a different take on this logo, why? Find the answer in this article. | read more

2. How to choose a colour scheme

Graphic Design Inspirational Sources

Interesting tips from Sam Hampton-Smith about how to choose the best color scheme to be applied in design work. Determination of color may be one key to success in graphic design. | read more

3. 6 Simple But Important Tips for Design Students

Graphic Design Inspirational Sources

6 simple but useful tips and important for design students from Jacob Cass. These tips will be very useful and can be used by anyone, including those who study the self-taught graphic design. | read more

4. The Next Microsoft

Graphic Design Inspirational Sources

Graphic designer Andrew Kim experimented with trying to change the brand of a giant corporate: Microsoft in three days. The result is quite interesting, Andrew Kim managed to combine the simplicity and technology into a brand that is unique and easy to understand. | read more

5. Responsive Advertising

Graphic Design Inspirational Sources

This article covers about esponsive Advertising of website. This review is also accompanied by case examples and pictures sample so it is easy to understand. Responsive advertising focused on how to place your ad space and adjustments to other content on the web.| read more

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