November 6, 2012

Graphic Design Processes | from Concept to Production

design concept
Concept is a work in the form of thought which determines the objectives, eligibility segment / audience being addressed. Concept can also be found outside of the graphical field; e.g. economics, politics, law, culture, and other
things that can be translated into forms of visual culture.

design concept
concept to production

Design and development processes


design concept

To reach the intended target or segment, it requires a feasibility study of suitable and effective media to achieve these goals. Media may include print, electronic, outdoor, etc.


design concept

To seek creative ideas, it requires a comparative study, extensive knowledge, discussion or interview. Sometimes a brilliant idea needs a touch of madness, making the impossible become Possible.


design concept

The data can be text or an image, it is important to select and advance sorting and prioritizing these, such as determining whether a data is important enough that it should be displayed or otherwise that may appear smaller, faint, or even discarded.


design concept

Clarify the intent of an image, by combining color selection, text, layout corresponding to the selected idea.


design concept

Once the draft is completed, it should advance to make a proof print (a print preview process prior to printing process). If there is no error in the graphic elements and colors, the design is ready to be reproduced.

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Very well illustrated! Truly, a well organized and systematic Graphic design process covers Concept, Media, Idea, Data, Visualization and finally Production. Each and every process is equally important for quality graphic design. Overall, this is a very impressive post. Good Job!