September 10, 2015

20 Creative Examples of College and University Brochure Design

Here are some examples of brochures that are used as campaign materials by schools or universities to promote to their prospective students. The following educational brochure design theme has been designed exclusively so that the audience get an overview of a particular university, it also became a media campaign that is interesting. A brochure is able to feature student activity agenda which laid out in such a way to give an idea of the university, combined with appropriate decorations to make it look elegant, cheerful, or depending on the theme and purpose of a brochure.

Whether you're running a business in the field of education, or just looking for inspiration to design a university brochure. Here we have collected twenty examples of university and educational brochures which have been designed by some professional designers. We hope to help inspire your next project! Be inspired!

A Showcase of 20 University Brochure Designs

1. University of York Brochure Design

via Daniel Sweeney

I liked the design of the brochure on this one, this brochure is quite provoking. Carefully designed to take advantage of its unique imagery, as well as the combination of a thick font, so that makes it stands out as a university brochure. At a glance looks like a revolution-themed poster.

2. Saint Mark's School Brochure Design

via LOOK Agency

A school brochure that highlights their greatness to the very competitive private school market. Brochure design is quite striking, designed with the dominant colors of bright yellow, green, and orange to give the impression of firm and fresh.

3. Spring Arbor University Brochure Design

via Pete Lounsbury

A brochure as an undergrad admissions material arrangement with a well designed layout. Also the composition of colors and imagery of the design is very attractive.

4. California College of the Arts Graduate Design Brochure


This brochure is designed to promote the design of a unique graduate program of a university. My favorite part in this brochure are the use of the line art that supports the impression of creativity. The playful font on this design also brings a special impression.

5. UNI:VERSE 2011 Brochure

via MOOI design

Good color combinations, imagery, and the type of folds have given the impression of a modern and youthful on the design of this brochure. I also really enjoyed the 'white space' part that has been utilized well.

6. Boston University School of Management MBA Factbooks

via Chandra Wroblewski

Appears dynamic impression when I see it, this brochure emphasizes bold fonts and utilize modern infographic. The purpose of this brochure is to convey the School of Management's selling points through its layout and design.

7. Auburn University alumni Brochure Design

via Mary Huddleston

A brochure for prospective students featuring alumni and various outcomes of graduates. As previously, this brochure utilizes large student profiles, infographic, good layout and interesting color combinations.

8. The Arts Courses of Cheltenham Brochure

via Garreth Bayliss

By using the appropriate color palette we can emphasize the elegant impression of a design, and this brochure have implemented it. I like the spacing between the illustrations and the right contrast to improve readability.

9. Muhlenberg University Campaign

via Misty Bourdess Wilt

A very creative and detailed brochure design.

10. The 2/3/4 Center for the Arts Brochure Design

via Hilary Gaby

A mailable accordion fold brochure design that is bound by hemp cord and a circle enclosure. This brochure was used as keepsakes that promote the Center's services and activity, this brochure brings contemporary style.

11. Youth Awards Program 2014 Brochure

via Yvonne Cramer

All Need schools Brochure design.

12. Minerva Project Brochure Design

via Andrea Trew

Brochure design for a non-profit organization that conducts research to help every person serving youth. This brochure serves as direct mail. Intelligently designed to take advantage of the attractive illustrations and good layout.

13. Leeds Metropolitan University Brochure

via Amy Rodchester

A university brochure that highlights the benefits of postgraduate study in an illustrative and well-designed poligonal mind map. Utilization of polygon elements in this brochure is great, because it supports the main theme of the brochure itself.

14. Inward Mission Event Brochure Design

via One Paradox

The use of black, gold, and the use of foil stamp on the logo gives the impression of prestige in this brochure.

15. University of California School of Education CCSP Brochure Design

via Leslie Luo

One example of a university brochure designed in a simple form, but can be very effective to convey information to the audience.

16. DiscoverEd Brochure Design

via Ankita Shinde

Science should be fun! That is the theme of this brochure, which is drawn from the colors used, and fun illustrations.

17. Favaloro university brochure

via Mapache ®

A university brochure design that utilize illustrative icons, and bright pastel colors.

18. Junior school and college promotion Brochure template

via Simple Creation

This is a trifold brochure template for primary schools and prospective students.

19. Ateliers 2014 Brochure Design

via Jelle Maréchal

A brochure that highlights contemporary art workshop.

20. Workshop flyer / Brochure

via Kasia Konopka

An education brochure design for a marketing workshop.

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