May 19, 2012

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills
Graphic design is a profession that is very challenging, dynamic, and (most importantly) it's very fun to do. Being a graphic designer is not as easy as you think. Graphic design projects are quite varied, it takes mentally, perseverance, focus,insight, patience and even higher. For those of you who want to improve your design skills or capabilities in this area, there are some useful tips that can be expected.These tips are the essence of the birth of a graphic design that is functional and hasdepth.

1. Learn the Basic!

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your design is to learn the basic principles of graphic design. these principles are the basic foundation. If the foundationis correct, the rest of it will flow by itself. Among the basic things to be learned is to know the shape, layout, proportion, balance (balance), unity (unity), repetition(repetation), as well as theories of perception such as gestalt, etc..

The basic principles are the scientific terms found through experimentation those who passed. On graphic design, principles and basic knowledge touches vital aspectssuch as function and aesthetics.

2. Focus on Objectives

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

Graphic works is a plan that puts the function or purpose. It is important for graphic designers to always give priority to the achievement of the function. Often most of us are too focused on the aesthetic value or beauty so forget the function. Making it less of a graphical output in crowded work elements to create works that are considered to be more aesthetically pleasing, at the same time the elements were actually damaging the main function of graphic works that convey messages and information.

3. Time Management

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

A good design certainly takes time to materialize. A project done in a hurry to make us forget the small detail that in fact is very influential. The best solution is to give a realistic deadline, then educating clients through the process to be followed to achieve the maximum work. .

4. Keep It Simple, Stupid! (KISS)

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

"Keep It Simple, Stupid!" is a popular phrase among creative professionals. The point is to emphasize the importance of simplicity in a work, whatever it is. Simple output will be easier to understand. It is also related to how to make the graphics work to be functional.

5. Deepening Process

Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

Each field of graphic design such as layout, illustration, and digital imaging, each requiring a different process in each work. Learn to find the techniques and processes that work well, whether it be from a senior designer, from the community, books, internet, etc.. Precise process not only makes work more efficient, but also provides space for designers to focus on maintaining the good quality of a work.

That's it …Hopefully these tips can be useful to upgrade your skills in the field of graphic design. Of course there is no instant here, there's always a learning process and often requires a lot of obstacles. "Only the strong and crazy enough that will last".

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