October 24, 2012

Designing Free Online Brochures & Flyers | Smore

Designing Free Online Brochures & Flyers
Smore makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful online brochure, a clean and beautifully designed pages can be used as marketing materials, promotions or to sell products.

Designing Free Online Brochures & Flyers

The drag-and-drop editor function is very convenient to use. Every page is loaded with promotional tools which are easy to use - just like a simple email-marketing and buying ads on Google and Facebook. There are also an analytics too that can make a clickable infographic materials to help you get to know the performance of your pages directly.

Designing Free Online Brochures & Flyers

Human readable analytics you can use.

An infographic to help you make sense of what people are (and aren’t) doing on your page.

See Smore’s brochures and flyers builder in action.

Smore pages are beautiful by default and impossible to screw up.

Instant mobile pages
Smore pages work flawlessly on your smartphone and tablet.

Styles and themes
Choose from a list of themes and preview them in seconds with your content. No installations ever.

Rich content embedding
Not just text and images, but videos, tweets, products and reviews too.

Drag and drop editing
Arrange your content with ease.

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