January 31, 2013

Printing Tips: Choosing the Best Photo Paper for Printing

Choosing the Best Photo Paper for Printing
There are so many types of paper that are available for the printer. And we often feel confused when choosing the right paper for printing photos, posters, brochures, cards and other stationery needs. Basically there are three types of paper used in printing photos: matte, semi-gloss and glossy paper.

Printing Tips: Choosing the Best Photo Paper for Printing

Matte Paper

Matte paper is great to use to display photos of the panorama, which is good when it is shown naked without plastic coated / laminated. This is a consideration which the reflection of light can be a problem. One of the problems with Matte Paper is due to the type of paper that is less dynamic range (contrast), and has relatively small gammut compared to the Luster / semi-gloss or glossy paper type. Another problem is the lack of resolution on matte paper, this was due Matte paper is likely to "absorb" the ink, so the ink droplets is a bit spread out. But in essence, Matte paper plays an important role if it is used properly, that is when you are not too concerned about the lack of sharpness of the colors, and or the resolution, or when you emphasize the reduction or loss of glare due to reflection of light.

Glossy Paper

Glossy paper generally provide a wide range of colors and it has a high resolution. But the problem of this paper is to highly reflective and this may be a problem in certain lighting conditions. This paper can also sometimes cause fingerprints when held. We recommend that you print the photo on glossy paper if you use the print as a display and may rarely touched. In some cases, the selection of ink may cause glossy type paper stuck on the glass or plastic frame. And of course this type of paper is less suitable if used as a photobook.

Luster, Semi-gloss Paper

Luster / Semi-gloss Paper type offers a good combination of glare, color richness and durability. Proximity color range with Glossy paper will produce a poster / photo book with a color that vary according to the capabilities of the printer you have, and at the same time will reduce glare and smudges of light / noise. Because of these advantages, this paper has been the choice for photographers and those photography lover to make the paper as a suitable medium to create a poster or a photo book. This type of paper has dove texture, so that the resulting image will look softer. Another advantage of this paper is not easy to fade and is very durable when kept for a certain period of time, even decades. Also very suitable for the photo memories that will be stored for a long time.

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