February 19, 2013

Collection of Inspiring Barber Shop Logo Designs

Barber Shop Logo Designs
Today we are going to showcase 15 Inspiring Barber Shop Logo Designs. Most people will remember the logo because of its unique shape, attractive and implied meanings. For example, when a barber shop release many kinds of hair care products; it will be difficult for consumers to remember each one of these products, but with a unique and attractive shape product design; and supported by an eye-catching logo then the product will be more memorable by consumers. Below you will find a collection of inspiring barber shop logo designs that range from modern to fun logos. Enjoy.

Barber Shop Logos for Your Inspiration

1. The Clean Cut Logo

barbershop logo design

Vintage logo of a fictional barbershop just for fun.

2. 9th Street Barber Logo

barbershop logo design

Done just for fun. The comb and the scissor stand for the latin letter for 9 (IX).

3. Claudius Barbershop Logo

barbershop logo design

Project for a barbershop in Stockholm.

4. Unused Concept for a Gentlemen's Salon Logo

barbershop logo design

Upscale Barber Salon.

5. Harry Blades & Angry Daves Logo

barbershop logo design

Logo concept for a local barber/cloths shop in Bristol, UK. The client specifically requested a coat of arms type design with the inclusion of a stag, a swallow, a barber’s pole, a cut throat razor and a pair of shoes. This is what the designer came up with.

6. MenzCuts Logo

barbershop logo design

Icon/Mini logo for a new local barber shop.

7. Jochen Schuh Logo

barbershop logo design

Logo for a mobile hairdresser with home and event service.

8. The Robin's Nest Barber Shop Logo

barbershop logo design

Barber shop logo.

9. Salon Gersing Logo

barbershop logo design

A barber shop Logo.

10. Kennedy's American Barber Club Logo

barbershop logo design

Logo proposal for an upscale men's barbershop that offers everything for the discerning gentleman. The barber shop encourages becoming a member to gain unlimited haircuts, straight razor shaves, etc. There is a nostalgic feeling to this shop which is covered in wood flooring, oxblood leather chairs and white wainscoting about 6' high.

11. High Street Logo

barbershop logo design

Upscale men's hair care services logo.

12. Sandras Hair Salon Logo Logo

barbershop logo design

A logo design for a local Hair Stylist.

13. Second Generation Hairstyling

barbershop logo design

a modern, sophisticated, yet simple logo design created for a client whose branding from the 80s needed a major update to attract modern clientele.

14. Hairy Beast Barbershop Logo

barbershop logo design

Hairy Beast Barbershop - logo is great for modern, exclusive and creative Barbers! Also it could be great for pet's barbers!

15. Tidy Bloke v.2 Logo

barbershop logo design

Logo concept for a mens grooming company.

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