November 9, 2014

Letterpress Business Cards with Edge Painting: Recommendations for You

For people that work in corporate world, identity and brand are really important. No wonder, they always equip themselves with their own business cards, including the letterpress business cards with edge painting. As you may know, identity and brand are crucial for their networking process, which can lead to another contract or purchase agreement. Because of that, the existence of the good card design is quite important in order to make people always remember ourselves or our companies. This article will give you some recommendations about how you can get the best business cards ever, complete with the edge painting design. Let’s check them out!

Business Cards with Edge Painting
image via absoloot

Letterpress Business Cards with Edge Painting: Offline or Online?

As the consumers, you have several options in order to get your own the letterpress business cards with edge painting. The first one is by get them from directly from the design stores across your town, which provide the beautiful designs and also the worker that will work for you about the cards. You can choose various designs from the simple one until those colorful designs. Remember, if you come from big companies like banks or mining, it’s better for you to choose business cards with two colors. But if you come from the creative companies like gaming or television, it is not wrong for you if you try the colorful designs for your business cards. Besides that, if you are quite busy with your works and love to spend your time efficiently, you can also try some online design stores that also provide the same service. Usually, the price can be cheaper than the conventional stores.

Auro Pontes letterpressed card

white ink on grey cardboard with edge painting
image via Auro Pontes

Actually, both of these methods (offline and online) are good, because you can get the easy access for the designs that you want, directly or indirectly. However, if you decide to buy the cards from the online stores, you have to make sure that you buy them from the trusted online stores. There are some people that are deceived by the free shipping cost and also huge discount when they want to buy their business cards, but in the end they get things that they not order in the first place. You may lose some good contracts without these cards or with the wrong cards. Be careful!

Letterpress Business Cards with Edge Painting: Make The Painting Alone?

Another thing that also you can try if you want the unique business cards for your next meeting is by making the designs by yourself. Actually, it’s quite simple. If you are good at using the graphic design apps from your PC, you can make them easily. But, if you are not really that good, you can ask the help from your friends that are capable with these things. Quite simple, isn’t it?

Usual Business Cards are too boring via David R

Edge Painting Process

Edge Painting Process

Edge Painting Process

Edge Painting Process

Edge Painting Process

Edge Painting Process

Here it is our full guide for you about these letterpress business cards with edge painting. In the end, it depends on your needs and also money. If you love to challenge yourself, maybe paint the designs alone for your business cards will be a very good idea. But, if you are not trust your own paintings, maybe the best idea for you is by spend some money for them. Happy shopping and good luck!

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