June 11, 2015

20 Cool Stationery That Will Color Your Days

Stationery are things that we use every day. From pencils, erasers to stiky notes, are inseparable from our daily attention. Especially when you find these objects in interesting shapes, it certainly will in turn make you comfortable at your desk. Today we will show you some examples of cool stationery which are designed in interesting shapes. All of these can be purchased by following the links I have provided. Be inspired!



donotes 2

This cute colorful sticky notes will surely making your working hours sweeter for you! This sticky notes comes in four different flavors, strawberry frosted, white chocolate, blue star or yellow cake. Which one do you prefer? You can grab one from Doiydesign for 5,95€.

Sloths On A Vine picture / paper hangers

Use this unique paper clip to unify your important papers, and hung them on the board. It will beautify your workspace, while helping you to tidy up your desk. You can buy this cute paper hanger for only $12.00, here.

Beard Notes Ginger, funny sticky notes

beard notes

Write down your important notes on this unique sticky notes, while providing "the hipster touch" into your workspace. Buy it for €5,95 here.

Critter Screen Dusting Ball

Critter Screen Dusting Ball

Critter Screen Dusting Ball 2

Clean the screen, keyboard, and other devices with the help of this unique tool. It is available in two critter styles: White bunny with white holder cup and brown bear with pink holder cup. Buy it for $14.00 here

Dog and cat cable tie

cable tie

cable tie

This $10.00 cute cable tie can be very useful to bind your pencil or pen, tidying your desk. What can be cuter than this! Buy it here.

oppopet Animal Mouse

animal mouse

Want something unique? Replace your old mouse with these cute animal tail wireless mouse. Get this mouse for $49 here.

Kawaii Pizza Slice Eraser Set

Pizza eraser

This one is very tempting, but it is not to be eaten. This pizza slice erasers can make a sweet addition to your stationery collection and surely will help you to erase all your mistakes. Buy it for only £2.20 here.

USB Toast Flash Drives

This one is quite creative. It is a USB Flash Drives product presented in cute pieces of toast. There are four different styles of toast to collect. You can get any of this toast in eight gigs capacity for only $20.0, buy it here.

Diy Construction Desk Organizers

Construction Desk Organizers

Construction Desk Organizers 2

No work permit required! Spice up your desk and clear some clutter with these DIY wood construction vehicle desk organizers by Takashi Tsnunoda. Specially designed to cope with the mess on your desk, and to hold your business cards, paper notes, and more. Buy it for $13.00 here.

Totem, handmade wooden boxes

Totem wooden boxes

Totem wooden boxes 2

A container made of wood that you can add to your desk. Available in three styles of totem, bird, owl, and cat. Get it for $34.05 here.

Ghost Collection: Funny Ghost Shaped stiky notes and mouse pad

funny ghost

funny ghost 2

funny ghost 3

Add a sense of humor into your office activities. The Ghost Collection contains super cute funny Ghost Mouse Pad and Ghost Sticky Notes. You can get this from Mochithings for only $8.96.

Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

Otter Tape Dispenser

This little tape dispenser is adorable and perfect for your desk. You would never lose your tape now! Price: $14.99, buy it via ModCloth.

Rabbit Ear Memo Board

Rabbit Ear

Not just ordinary memo board, this is a very adorable memo board that you can install on your computer screen to add extra space for your stiky notes, especially if you don’t want them to crowd around your screen. So you want to attach a note in rabbit ears? Get it for $24.95, here.

Eraser Zoo

Eraser zoo

Eraser zoo 2

Make a mistake? Do not worry, this set of erasers and pencil zoo will help you remove it. This comes in two styles, giraffe and dog. Buy it for 6,95€ here.

Key pencil sharpner

key pencil sharpner

key pencil sharpner 2

It is a key that can sharpen a blunt pencil. Buy it for only 4.86 USD here.

Spaceman USB Light

spaceman USB light

Need extra lighting on your desk? Cool! This awesome little lunar explorer can be lit in the dark. Grab it for only $20.00 here.

Scotch Chameleon-shaped Tape Dispenser

chameleon tape dispenser

This little chameleon is a great addition to your work desk, it Changes color when touched and will make you smile on a bad day. Buy it for $9.49, here.

Barber Eraser

Barber Eraser

Barber Eraser

These cute little heads will help you when you make a mistake! It comes in four 'hair' styles. Buy it for only $4.00 via WalkerShop here.

Geppeto’s Pencil sharpener

geppeto pencil

geppeto pencil 2

Really funny. This Pinocchio's nose will be a joy in your writing activities. Price: $14.99, buy it from AnimiCausa, here.

Marshmallow pencil and eraser

marshmallow pencil

This marshmallow-shaped pencil and eraser will bring you a whole new level of writing sweetness. Get it now for $14.99, here.

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