July 9, 2015

20 of the Most Creative Wedding Photos that will Make You Smile

Wedding is the happiest stage for couples who want to live side by side for the rest of their lives. Usually weddings take place with a serious theme, or with a magnificent and very romantic way, but somehow not everyone decided to use this theme.

Here we present 20 of the most creative wedding photo that is not always found in everyday life. Be inspired!

Gromsmen Portrait by Plum Tree Studios

Gromsmen Wedding Photos
source: Plum Tree Studios

Hes Mine

Hes Mine wedding photos
source:Inna Makeenko

I managed to catch a .. erm I mean a husband

Catch a husband wedding photo
source: Sergio Miguelez

creative wedding photography by Joe Hendricks

creative wedding photography
source: Joe Hendricks

Forever Alone

Forever Alone Wedding Photo
source: imgur.com

A Swirl of Sparklers Wedding Photo by William Walker Photography

A Swirl of Sparklers Wedding Photo
It is a painting technique using light, or commonly called light painting. Looks really charming is not it?
Source: William Walker Photography

Wedding is fun

Fun Wedding by Alexandre Bourguet Photography
source: Alexandre Bourguet Photography

Beyond the Frame by Matt Shumate Photography

Beyond the frame by matt shumate photography
source: Matt Shumate Photography

Blessing in a frame by Framemichelle Zahn Photography

Blessing in a frame wedding photo
source: I Love Farm Weddings

Bride at Bat by Worden Photography

wedding photos
source: Worden Photography

IXsf skillforum Design & Photography

great wedding photos
source: IXsf skillforum Design & Photography

Just Married

Just Married Wedding Photos
source: Freddy Ku Photography

iPhone Kiss Wedding Photo by Manuel Orero

wedding photos
source: Manuel Orero

Kissing Tunnel

kissing tunnel wedding photo
source: Ashfall Mixed Media

marineland wedding by Sarah and Ben Photography

marineland wedding photo
source: Sarah and Ben Photography

Protect Our Love Wedding Photo by Extra Medium

Protect Our Love Wedding Photo
source: Extra Medium

Star Wars Wedding Photo by Steven Kowalski Photography

star wars wedding photo
source: Steven Kowalski Photography

Superhero themed wedding photo by Hoffer Photography

superhero themed wedding photo
source: Hoffer Photography

T-rex Attack

T-rex Attack Wedding Photo
source: Quinn Miller Photo + Design

Zombie Wedding Photo by Josiahx

Zombie Wedding Photo
source: Josiahx

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