February 6, 2012

Brochure Marketing Strategy and Plan | Tips & Trick

Brochure Marketing Strategy and Plan
Marketing strategies and tactics of brochure advertising is based on the idea of making the concept of the brochure itself, it must be arranged so that a brochure is not wasted in vain, so that costs can be further suppressed promotion as cheaply and as effectively as possible. Have you ever thought that brochure was made only to be discarded. Basically, brochure is a tool or a medium to convey the communication of the products or services, if the goal has been achieved or already communicated, it does not matter if it is discarded. This cliché concept has existed since ancient times when the first time the brochure was made, until now it's left alone without the development of tactics and strategy are fundamental to a brochure is not wasted in vain.

Create Valuable Brochures


This time I will discuss about what and how to create a brochure that has more value, so it's not just made to be discarded. The following ways seems to have often discussed on the internet, but some have disappeared over time with changes in the business world. This method should be simple, the following brochure-making tactics should not increase the cost of making a brochure, it is applicable, and should not disrupt the function of the brochure.

We have had to learn some tips on how to create brochure design, but this time Jayce-o-Yesta Graphic Design Studio will discuss about the science of human communication and behavior before there is a brochure design.

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The Brochure Marketing Strategy

The Bundle System is the "Key"

Brochure Marketing Strategy and Plan

Bundle products or bundling is a marketing strategy that involves the supply of some products or facilities for sale as one combined product. In this case, the brochure will be merged with something that should be interesting, useful and sought after by people who will read it. A few days ago we did a small survey via facebook, and the result was a lot of leads on this method. However, it is quite unfortunate in the calculation of "cost" is not yet considered. Remember that this method should be simple, inexpensive, applicable, and support the brochure itself.

Our last few weeks in Jayce-o-Yesta were quite hectic in trying to find the right solutions for this brochure matter. We want to offer our clients something different from the others. And finally we found it.

Our findings in Bundling the Brochure

1. Vouchers or coupons system

Brochure Marketing Strategy and Plan

This type of brochure has been widely applied to some restaurants which are the members of a local deal, such as Groupon (groupon.com). The idea is that people want to read and pick up a brochure to get a discount voucher of up to 70%. The drawback: it requires a voucher system that should be made first before the brochure it self, because if it's not it will add to the burden of cost + service, which means adding new problems.

2. Bundle brochure with stickers (eg 'Stop Smoking')

Brochure Marketing Strategy and Plan

This type of brochure is further emphasis to the purpose of branding for investments that support long-term branding. Indeed, the cost of manufacture will be more expensive, but it's worth it. This bundle system is suitable to be applied to products and services which are new (with a promotional budget that ranges above 5 million).

3. Important phone numbers as the region (according to the geographical distributed point of brochures )

Brochure Marketing Strategy and Plan

The bottom line is people want to pick up a brochure with the lure of an important telephone number list , and of course the brochure can be designed to a minimum and as effective as possible. This type of Brochure may be composed of several folds that are designed specifically to fit in a wallet. We've tested it before, and it's got a great response.

Of course there are many other methods, for which we ask you to share your ideas on this subject through the comment field.

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Brochure marketing will never get old as long as you will come up with very creative designs. Catering to you target market is very important. Even for home based businesses, brochure marketing is an effective advertisement. Securing small businesses like home based doesn't just involve applying for a home based business insurance, securing the business also requires careful planning and creative dissemination of information.