November 25, 2011

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design
Creating a publication design is actually not as difficult as you think, you can do so by starting from some software like 'Adobe Illusrator' or Photoshop, but the problem is how to make a print publication to be effective, that's a pretty complicated. Well, how to design a publication to be effective? or at least it would be a concern when it was released to the public.

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

It's a natural thing in terms of publications such as: posters, billboards and flyers to use: attractive colors, great writing, funny pictures, nd so on. But many just don't understand how to create an attractive publication design at once can hook the consumer. This discussion actually stems from a trivial thing, some time ago there was one of my friends who wanted to create a poster for a seminar. But after seeing the posters content on offer, I've tried hard to convince that what must be shown not only the writings of the huddled. See the 'Tips for Creating Attractive Brochure Design' which became a reference material of this entry.

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

Related to the problem, (in the design world) there was a creative process that skipped (remember that a design originated from the brief, leads to creative ideas in the form of the draft, then eventually becomes a presentation). When there is a briefing, then we will be presented with a series of commands and will be outlined in the design work (publicity poster). Though my friend was already making quite a lot of writing, with the idea of posters as well. If this is so, then we as designers need to remind or advise that the briefing is about what you want to highlighted. Not what you want to display, although there are some things that can not be changed through manipulating ideas.

Visual is the first thing that will attract audiences, and information that support, that's all. Well if it contains too much information, it would be very confusing. But there are a series of publications to be an effective way, let us examine one by one.

Effective Publication Design

1. Create an attractive headline

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

Headline is a part that must first be seen by the readers of the publication. The function of the headline is to attract targeted publications to read. There are two things we must consider when determining the headline of a publication. The first is that the headline should be made as attractive as possible by making headlines as provocative as possible but still describe the overall product that we offer. An example of such cases: A seminar entitled: "Overcoming computer virus without any anti-virus", the headline 'SEMINAR ON VIRUS' is representative but not provocative. Try to compare it with the headline 'Free Your Computer from Viruses!'. Compare, which is more relevant and significant?

The next thing is, make the publication is to always engage potential customers, simply use a phrase that invites consumers to interact. Have you ever seen a publication like this headline: "Wanted A FREELANCE WORKERS '? or FREELANCE WORKERS NEEDED. There's nothing wrong with the publication anyway, but the headline isn't touching the target effectively, advertisers only stated that he needs a freelancer, with no attempt to invite the target interaction. Try to compare it with the following headline: 'Do you want to become a freelancer?' or 'Be a freelancer'. With such writing, readers will feel encouraged to interact, so as if there is an interaction between reader and publication.

For the publication of an event, the headline is usually taken from the name of the event. how to make effective publicity? If for this case, the name of the event must be made to meet the criteria for a good headline.

2. Complete but concise content

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

In a publication, all information conveyed in the content. I would suggest to you to make the information you provide on the publication of complete and detailed as possible. If you create a publication about an event, make the reader understand about the event to be held after seeing the publication, as well as when publicity about a product. Do not hesitate to use a picture or illustration in the contents. A picture is worth a thousand words

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

But be careful because everyone can interpret images in a different way, and will likely cause a variety of perceptions. If possible, include a contact person, to help the reader if there is something that is less clear in the publication.

3. create best sentences which are easily understood by the target audience

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

A good publications always use a familiar phrase, and easily understood by the target. Remember that the level of consumer understanding is the core publication which is closely related to visual communication. So before making a publication, you should do a research on who will become the target publication. If you target the general public who do not understand computers, avoid the use of computer terms that complicated.

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

If you target people who do not understand English, then avoid the English language publication (usually for local publications). Surely, if we already know that the target is people who only understand a particular language, then do not hesitate to use that language in publications, on the grounds it would be touching the target. Simple as that.

4. The design illustration

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

Design in a publication other than can be used as an aesthetic element can also serve to emphasize the purpose of publicity and attract the reader's eye to see and read. Therefore, publication design shall be in accordance with the purpose and intent. If the publication aims to sell an item, at least there are pictures of goods on offer.

Meanwhile, to attract the reader's eye, usually the design is created using the striking colors by applying color philosophies (read more about color theory on: 5 Important Points to Know About Color Theory). Oh, one more, design is important in a publication, but if the design is excessive then it would make others think that the publication is tacky and it becomes ineffective, because the audience will just ignore it.

5. Choose an appropriate font

Tips for Creating Effective Publication Design

For a great publication, you should choose a font that is simple and easy to read. Because font is a constituent component of the information conveyed in the publication.

I've seen a good publicity, the color chosen is quite interesting (orange), the design is not too tacky, the contents of the publication is about an event to be held in the near future, a very nice selection of fonts and typefaces have been studied in the macro (put forward the philosophy), based on the target consumer and use of the letter itself. But unfortunately, when I want to know when exactly the event will be held, I did not find any! I am curious enough at that time, I decided to continue to look for publications by observing it in detail, I finally found it. Apparently, the time writing is printed right in the center of the publication, but with a font that is too cool and is more like a picture rather than font.

So that's really inconvenient if we pick the wrong font for a publication, imagine if the audience is a busy person and do not have much time? Surely no information is conveyed.


Well, that's some basic tips for effective publication design. One more thing that should never be forgotten in making the publication is, do not be too hyperbolic. Perhaps you find it important, but honesty publish content in a particular case would be more important.

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