July 12, 2012

Blog Header Designing Tips

In designing a blog, header is something that can not be ignored, blog header design is a most important factor, because the appearance of a blog header that will grab the attention of your visitors, especially on their first visit.

Blog header will directly affect your online business, and it also represents the name and image in the minds of your blog visitors where they will decide whether they will come back or not.

Another thing to note also is the site loading speed. If your site is fast emerging as a visitor enters your site, then you've got a good first impression.

Blog Header Designing Tips

In general, if the loading of your site less than 10 seconds for dial-up connections (connections that use the mobile phone network or GPRS), then the speed of your site is still quite tolerable. Now the question is,

is your header design is quite attractive as well as affect the loading time on your site?

Blog Header Designing Tips

1. Represent the Overall Design

Blog Header Designing Tips

Your header should represent the overall design of your blog. Your consistency is very influential.

2. Clear Purpose

Blog Header Designing Tips

Your readers should be able to see the clear purpose of your site after viewing the header. Header is the first thing seen by visitors.

3. Large Enough

Blog Header Designing Tips

Use large header, but do not be too large to exceed the page limit of the site. You can also follow the example of some great and successful website. Be sure to check out this article: Blog Structure, Design & Usability to see even more.

4. Use the Appropriate Color

Blog Header Designing Tips

Use the appropriate and moderate color

5. Menu below the Header

Blog Header Designing Tips

When your site is open, the upper left corner is a part of the first eye. So, the menu should not be placed above the header. The placement of the menu above header is the wrong style of website design and unfortunately quite a lot of websites that do so.

Now it is easy to customize the page with a different header. Wordpress header can be used in such a way that your site will no longer appear similar to several other sites that have installed the same wordpress theme. No one will think the same in the web pages, customize the header and background design.

If you're using a blog on wordpress.com, the header can be uploaded with the help of wordpress editor. This is why your website header design plays a major role. Header image selection can vary with the aid of image editor so you can make the picture look better.

Visit your site and think of yourself as a visitor. Be the first curator of your own site. Thus only one who determines your header design a better way to design your site. Good luck!

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