December 9, 2012

25 Fresh Bottle Designs for Your Inspiration

Bottle Designs
With so many products out there, Bottle Design is a very important marketing strategy to make your product stand out in order to attract the consumer's attention. Think bottle design is boring? Here I have compiled a list of 25 examples of awesome bottle designs to showcase exceptional work in this field. some we can actually hold and some conceptual but all great examples of the bottle designer going to ensure that all important first impression is a best one. Take a look at these examples of packaging design to witness the best work on offer. Enjoy!

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25 Fresh Bottle Designs & Bottle Packaging for Your Inspiration

1. Water.

bottle designs inspiration

University project consisted on creating a new water brand, concept & design.
As simple as it sounds, Water. sells its product just the way it is, leaving aside the complications. Simple product, simple brand, simple design.

2. Lovells Lager

bottle designs inspiration

Lovells Lager was created by two successful Australian music industry professionals, with a passion for great tasting beer.

3. Quick Fruit packaging concept

bottle designs inspiration

3D visualization renders for Quick Fruit packaging concept.

4. Figula Hét Hektár wine label

bottle designs inspiration

Figula Hét Hektar (Seven Hectares) design concept.

5. Possession - The Unholy Wine Collection

bottle designs inspiration

The type design on each bottle reflects it’s theme and was made in a rough way to contrast the otherwise clean setup and design, to give it more of an edgy look. This is a self initialized conceptual design.

6. Coca-Cola retro label (concept)

bottle designs inspiration

I found once the old label cola. Fantasized a little, tried to imagine how it could look like in the Soviet Union, given the fact that all the packaging was standard. Based on this concept was coined by a modern retro style.

7. Laken bottles

bottle designs inspiration

Illustrations limited serie and packaging design to Laken bottles by José Parra. All rights reserved by Mister Onüff.

8. PLAZ Packaging Design

bottle designs inspiration

As I was assigned to design starting from client's logo, to their packages for various category of products. This quite a long process from marketing brief to the design. PLAZ is a (concept) brand getting from the first alphabet of 4 founders P, L, A, and S. We finally change S to Z to make it more interesting. Hope you like it.

9. Figula wine label

bottle designs inspiration

Wine label concept.

10. Champagne Charles D'Arragon

bottle designs inspiration

Charles d' Arragon is a traditionnal French Champagne, with a classic and genuine style. Concept, branding, packaging design and look and feel of the website. For Markcom design.

11. Disney Coke Bottles

bottle designs inspiration

Created a series of custom Disney themed Coke Cola bottles. Which where to be sold on property at DisneyWorld via an interactive vending machine.

12. Delight

bottle designs inspiration

One more tea packaging design for the 'champagne bottle' concept.
Made for the JAF TEA brand from Sri Lanka.

13. Thorsteinn Beer Brand

bottle designs inspiration

School project at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. We were to make a branding proposal for a microbrewery in Iceland and we decided to make 10 different bottle designs for the one and the same beer brand.The design could be placed on beer glasses as well.
For now it is only at a concept stage. Get in touch if you want to invest in our brand for production.

14. O2 Olive Oil

bottle designs inspiration

Brand identity and packaging design for a new premium organic Greek extra virgin olive oil. O2 concept, emerged, as a balanced symbiosis of tradition and innovation.

Being dedicated to the proper implementation of our innovative and eco friendly method of production, guarantee that the Olive Oil produced is of organic specification and of ultra low acidity, while preserving the highest amount possible of natural antioxidants.

15. La Sainte Flanelle : L'Évangile des Glorieux

bottle designs inspiration

Projet réalisé dans le cadre du concours Young Package 2011. The challenge was to identify and packing a national product. The Habs discusses the place of the hockey club of the Montreal Canadiens in the Quebec people. The popularity of the team and its activities is so extreme that it can be compared to a religion. The concept plays with religious iconography and offers the Glorious Gospel, composed of seven guiding principles by which the faithful preaching.


bottle designs inspiration

I worked with the Agency FRANK in Oslo, to create this packaging illustration for the Norwegian Brewery Grans. The concept was to bring back the traditional approach of hand drawing from earlier era's for the relaunch of their Christmas beer. The entire label including type was drawn out by hand as one piece.

17. Oliveo Olive Oil

bottle designs inspiration

Oliveo is a Spanish based Olive Oil Company. The brief given to us was to build a brand identity based on its numerous benefits like non-cholestrol (bad cholestrol), high nutritional values plus they wanted to have an olive in their logo.

18. Point Wells Winery Branding

bottle designs inspiration

Concepts for a boutique export-only winery located in the Matakana Wine District of New Zealand. A minimalistic yet striking and bold approach was employed to create a new stand-out brand in a very much crowded marketplace.

19. Martini Art

bottle designs inspiration

the concept of a Christmas package Martini Asti.

20. Alma Noble

bottle designs inspiration

Identity and Packaging design for Siete 50 (Pro Agave) a Mexican Expo that supports products that come from the Agave plant.

The projects idea was to intervene a bottle with a design of your own; but we wanted to kick it further. We created a name for an unexisting Tequila House, then we created the identity and the companymantras. Then we started with the product (bottles), we had 3 of them, but we wanted to make a product family. The final decision was to make "Tequila", "Raicilla" and "Mezcal", these are 3 spirits that come from the Agave plant in different processes. These 3 spirits represent : Heaven, Earth and Hell.

21. Food&Life

bottle designs inspiration

Concept work. Graphic design of a packaging.

22. Arrogant Bastard

bottle designs inspiration

Conceptual repackaging of Arrogant Bastard beer using existing logo. This design was part of The Dieline's top 100 packaging designs of 2011.

23. CUBEN Space / Lux Fructus: Fruit Wine Packaging

bottle designs inspiration

Concept packaging for fruit wine inspired by Simon C Page's wonderful Cuben project. Features patterns design by Simon Page and Marcel Buerkle, visualized on fruit wine packaging.

24. Weninger winery premium products package concept

bottle designs inspiration

Weninger winery premium products package concept 2012 by Boglárka Nádi

25. off. packaging

bottle designs inspiration

"Off." was developed as a concept buttermilk drink (with real vanilla) for Arla Foods in the course of a study. "Off." acts as a counterpart to the oversaturated market and philosophy of energy drinks. Instead of pushing forward “Off.” encourages the opposite, get offline, unplug. Take a little time out and recharge your batteries naturally, with the aid of “Off.”

So which bottle design do you like best? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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I like number six of coca cola very classic. I also have seen great design of Coca Cola on site Flyers Drukken