December 17, 2012

Graphic Design Inspirational Sources #33

Graphic Design Inspiration
This is a weekly article on Jayce-o-Yesta Design Studio which contains compilation of interesting links on the internet universe every day. Intended as a medium to always follow the trends happening in the world of graphic design and visual arts, it includes a tutorial, , tips, information, and articles as a means of learning and self-development to make it better. Happy reading and enjoy!

1. Create an Emotional Dreamscape Digital Photo Manipulation

Graphic Design Inspiration

A Photoshop Tutorial from PSDFan on how to create an emotional dark fantasy digital photo manipulation. Here you will learn to create a dreamscape by combining a variety of stock images and manipulate images with blending techniques, lightning, using custom brushes and some unique techniques in applying the burn / dodge tool and texture. | read more

2. 4 Huge Brands That Still Aren't on Social Media

Graphic Design Inspiration

Facebook and Twitter have become the daily needs of the world community. Various brands and manufacturers were competing to use them as promotional opportunities and increase brand awareness. But apparently there are 4 major brands who haven't used both media. Do not be surprised if one of them is Apple, which incidentally is a giant in the world of technology. | read more

3. The Ultimate Web Design Workspace for Photoshop

Graphic Design Inspiration

Photoshop is not merely known as a producer of visual art and image manipulation, but it also includes the web design field. Here is a very useful source for web designers to maximize their performance in designing their attractive website prototype. | read more

4. 30+ inspiring sites to spark your creativity

Graphic Design Inspiration

This article contains a collection of website links with an attractive appearance. Quite appropriate as an inspiring collection for you who are concerned with the website design. | read more

5. 10 inventive uses of typography in music videos

You wonder how the techniques of merging elements of typography on videography? In this article there are 5 examples of the music video that uses typography with a very inspiring and able to amaze the audience. | read more

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