January 4, 2013

Typography: 20 Beautiful Yet Inspiring Hand Lettering Quotes

Hand Lettering Quotes
As designers we love the particular mixture of design make up and also typography to mention a communication having sensation and also sentiment, and it’s wonderful to determine the particular artwork involving hand-lettering hasn’t grow to be lost from the Techno-Gadgetry of the Found Time.

If I’m ever in need of an inspiration fix I look no further than typographic design quotes. So today we present you the latest findings from the wonderful world of typography design. This post brings together 25 beautiful yet inspiring hand-lettering quotes and typography designs into one showcase to inspire you! Enjoy!

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20 Inspiring Quotes and Hand Lettering Typography Designs

1. Hand type project | via Tegan Farrugia

Hand Lettering Quotes

A self initiated project of hand type lettering illustration, this quote 'a cup of tea is like a hug' sums up me pretty well.

2. Our hands like Puzzle pieces that fit | via Dewi-marie Vincoy

Hand Lettering Quotes

Worked with fabric strips left over from a shop display, glued them to wood and then carved out hand-lettered text to reveal the wood grain beneath revealing the nakedness of when we let our guards down once we have found security and ease with another person. Revealing our innermost thoughts, so to speak.

3. Sometimes... | via Where Vero Is

Hand Lettering Quotes

Hand Lettering typography inspired by David Ogilvy quote.

4. Quotes | via Maarten Deckers

Hand Lettering Quotes

A quote about the importance of being focused

5. Tattoo Quote | via Christina Sharp

Hand Lettering Quotes

This is a hand lettered tattoo design. The client wanted it to still be readable vert small and in some form os a circular shape.

6. Shakespeare quote | via Laurence Trudel

Hand Lettering Quotes

A hand lettered quote from William Shakespeare's Winter's Tale.

7. Verily Magazine Social Campaign | via Kelsey Cronkhite

Hand Lettering Quotes

The installation piece incorporates a hand-lettered quote in alternating black and white that allows the viewer to reflect upon the message. The mirror in the background helps the viewer visualize and reflect upon how the message interacts with their personal views about themselves and others. By allowing the message to be skewed and turned by the viewer, it shows a personal interaction with the message, as well as the transition that women have between both positive and negative messages regarding their self-worth.

8. Quote Me Crazy | via Kiley Werezak

Hand Lettering Quotes

The concepts of insanity and madness are combined with illustrations of inkblots, in reference to the Rorschach test used to analyze psychological interpretations. The lettering and illustrations are combined into a book concept that allows the customer to tear prints out to display or give away.

9. Never Stop Learning | via Biljana Kroll

Hand Lettering Quotes

Poster design that celebrates education and learning. Grand prize winner in contest organized by Udemy.com

10. Beatles lyrics | Hand lettering | via Katey Poteet

Hand Lettering Quotes

A more personal design was developed by hand lettering lyrics from The Beatles for
greeting cards.

11. Be Excellent To Each Other | via MaricorMaricar

Hand Lettering Quotes

A private commission of a very fun and awesome family motto. Quote taken from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Hand sewn using cotton thread on cotton fabric.

12. Skulls & Quotes | via BMD Design

Hand Lettering Quotes

Skulls & Quotes Hand-lettering by BMD Design.

13. Hand Lettering Quote | via Ludvig Nevland

Hand Lettering Quotes

Hand Lettering Quote, made for a friend.

14. Chalk Typography | via Sarah Baker

Hand Lettering Quotes

Chalkboard hand lettering featuring the quote, "Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters." by Matthew Carter.

15. Hand Lettering Quotes Pt. 2 | via Sean McCabe

Hand Lettering Quotes

Hand Lettering Quote.

16. Life isn't about avoiding risks | via Sean McCabe

Hand Lettering Quotes

iPhone Wallpaper of colored hand lettering.

17. When I Die... | via Steve Simpson

Hand Lettering Quotes

Illustration for 'Damn Fine Dublin' 2 colour screen print exhibition.

18. Richest man in the graveyard poster | via Pete Adams

Hand Lettering Quotes

Offset Lithograph print of an entirely custom lettered quote poster printed in 2 colours.

19. Chalkboard Lettering Stationery Set | via Lisa Nemetz

Hand Lettering Quotes

This is a project, I've been working on very intensely over the past two months. All the lettering, including the packaging, labels etc. were created by hand on a chalkboard. For each piece I selected an inspiring quote, all of them revolving around art, design, creativity and innovation. The result is a set of three products; a sketchbook, a calendar and a set of (refrigerator) magnets.

20. Hand Lettering Quotes | via Sean McCabe

Hand Lettering Quotes

Hand Lettering Quotes: "These are some of the pieces I've done over the past several months. You can view large versions of these and many more at seanwes.com"

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