April 27, 2013

5 Best Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

Best Free Video Editing Software Recommendations
In this article I’m going to recommend some of the best free video editing application for you. Actually there are many video applications which can be downloaded for free out there. However, of the many free video editing application that ever existed, I've chosen 5 free video editing software as a recommendation to you.

Windows Movie Maker

Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

You must already be familiar with this software. Movie maker is a free video editor built into Windows XP. However, when Microsoft launches Windows Vista and Windows 7, they are no longer supplying them with Movie Maker. This software has a drag and drop feature to create and edit your video more easily. You can cut out unnecessary parts of video, add transition effects, change into slowmotion mode, add titles or text and much more. Although it looks quite simple, but movie maker is able to make your videos look more professional. This is one of the best free video editing software which is worth a try. You can download this software in Windows 7 or Vista version here.

VideoPad Video Editor

Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

Like the other video editor, this software has the standard features of a video editor. However, there are advantages of this software which is rare in other video editors. Video editor is able to edit .3 gp video format which generally results captured from CellPhone. In addition to these advantages, the software is capable of editing the shots from various types of camcorders. VideoPad also provide more than 50 visual and transition effects to add a touch to your video. You can download it here.

Avidemux free video editor

Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

Avidemux offers quick solutions to cutting. This software can also be run on various operating systems. Aside from being a video editor, Avidemux can also be used as a converter, for example to convert video files into DVD format to be compatible with your DVD player. For those of you owners of Apple devices such as iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone can use this application so that the existing video files can be compatible with the gadget. You can download it here.

Pinnacle VideoSpin

Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

A free video editor from Pinnacle is designed to allow users to quickly share. With this software you can instantly upload your edits directly to Youtube quickly. You just need to write down your login details, video title, description, and VideoSpin will take care of the rest. VideoSpin also does not limit the size of the file, it is very important for those who need long-duration video or high-quality video. To download this software you just need to register your email and you will get a free link to download this software. You can sign up here.

Avid Free DV Video Editor

Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

Overall, Avid Free Dv tend to be somewhat difficult to use for novices in terms of video editing. However, it will bring great results if you are able to master it. This software is compatible for the Windows and Mac operating system. You can download it here.

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I have been looking into which windows video editor would be best for me. and I think that you where able to help me better understand what I need to look for, Thanks.


So far, I’ve only tried using Windows movie maker and AVS video. Between these 2, I’d say that AVS is a better video editing software because its features are more flexible than what is available in Windows Movie Maker. Also, I have been scouting for other editors but hoping I could find some free downloadable links to be able to assess them. Nice informative post you have, thanks for sharing. I would like to hear for some tricks and tips on video editing from you. :]