April 29, 2013

Dealing with Clients: Make Them Impressed

Dealing with Clients: Make Them Impressed
As designers we have the skills honed; beautiful portfolios, well designed business cards, and are also good at dodging in the social world. So what else is needed? This time I will discuss about the preparations to impress your clients. A client who got a good impression of you is very important, not only for your business at first, but also to the next business. Satisfied clients will share information about their new projects, and would be willing to recommend you to other colleagues. One or two satisfied clients can easily spread your talent around ten or more people in the vicinity.

Such an expression of an American advertising creative director: William Bernbach, "Word of mouth is the best medium of all.” So clients will recommend you, putting their approval on your work. That's something a portfolio can't do.

How to Impress a Client: 6 Steps

People have a portfolio; you should have one that Remarkable

How to Impress a Client

Every professional designer must have a portfolio and business cards. In our business (freelancer), two things that set you apart: the exceptional design and outstanding marketing about yourself. To be able to understand about how extraordinary you are, it is enough to ask: "Am I forgotten?” Being remarkable is what gives you the ability to stand out in your community.

There is a good chance that you are not the only applicants bid on a project, especially if the job is a list on one of the many jobs out there. So stand out is a must! The simplest things can make you stand out. It's all about the little things, they add in ways greater. It could be extra creativity in your CV, portfolio, business card or even being the only guy to show up wearing a tie.

Set Your Goals

How to Impress a Client
What do you want from this project? Is it about money? Do you want to increase your popularity? Looking to get into a new network? Ask yourself these questions and write. So, what is the purpose of it all? As someone who organized work, all will show on all aspects of the person's employment. This allows you to place a priority for you and your mind open, to be calm, and in control. You will provide an overview of efficiency and confidence.

Choose Your Words Carefully

How to Impress a Client
No matter how good your portfolio, if you have a personality like fresh bread, you will not get clients. When meeting your client for the first time, they quickly assess your circumstance. Finding common ground is the best option to begin a discussion. Some clients may be half way in recognizing the progress of the world. In situations like this, email and phone conversations are the only form of contact. Tone is everything when relying on means of communication other than face to face. Pay attention to your words, grammar, and punctuation in emails because they can make or break your success.

Do Your Homework

How to Impress a Client
Before starting a new project, I use Google as a source of potential clients. I cannot count how many times have I prepared myself for crazy clients. By checking on Google and various social networks, you will be able to understand your clients. Like, Do they have a store? Did they pay their vendors on time? Is there a strange image on their last Christmas party on their Facebook? Find the answer on the Internet.

Be Careful What You Wear

How to Impress a Client
Is it someone who makes a suit look good, or whether it's a suit that makes a man look good? Do not think about it. When meeting with a client for the first time is very important to dress accordingly. If you plan to meet in a leisure centre, a suit may not be a right choice. On the other side of the board is not wearing shorts and Nine Inch Nails t-shirts for the meet. Well, maybe if it was a skateboard company. I usually dress casual dark-colored specifically for business. This outfit is pretty good and if I need to unwind a bit, I just need to loosen the tie, and when in doubt, tighten the tie again.

Well, I have 3 tattoos. I have been in a difficult situation. I have lost potential clients because of them, and I also have got a lot of clients because of them. With tattoos, I got a 50-50 chance. I put them in the new rules; I keep always shut my tattoos unless they appear in the subject of the conversation with the client. I have a tattoo on my illustration portfolio, and sometimes it's a subject that usually appears.

Be Yourself

How to Impress a Client
Finally, it all boils down to common sense. Do you wear a suit? Do you use a funny story about making your designs? Use your judgment and instincts, sense of design to explore client flows. Relax, you'll be fine, be yourself. They will love you, unless you have the personality of fresh bread. For dessert, I will offer you the words of William Bernbach; “Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

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