September 5, 2013

Exploring Value to Create Communicative and Artistic Visual Design

Artistic Visual Design
Graphic design can be defined as the process of structuring the various elements of the image, and text in a composition that has the functionality and artistic so that it can be communicative and effective.
A design has a purpose, so that every design is created, be it posters, CD cover, book cover, magazine layout, etc. must be able to fulfill their respective functions can then be regarded as a good design. All design functions in general related to the fulfillment of human needs, or solving human problems, so the approach taken in creating a good design is through aesthetics (beauty). In this case we interpret it as an artistic element as a wrapper to make it more humane.

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Artistic Visual Design

Why aesthetics? We must first understand that aesthetics is a discipline about beauty, it will explain every aspect of the oldest in life: the universe and its creation. It is about how a beauty can be seen in any of God's creatures on the planet, ranging from humans, mountains, flowers, animals, sky, sun and so on. The beauty of these concepts has been compiled into a scientific field devoted to learning about the aesthetics, which then was born the concept of art. Humans have a global definition of the concepts of beauty arising from the natural environment and themselves. Artistic elements which conceptualized based on the aesthetic theory is applied to form a humanist perception commonly referred to as beautiful, nice, amazing, exciting and the like, in which case this is what will draw people closer to or on the design. In short, an artistic form will be able to catch the human eye, rather than one that is not.


Each design has a function or purpose. For example, an anti-drug poster made with common purpose to urge people to avoid drugs. This poster must be at least convey the message (informative) accurately, then be able to encourage the audience to justify it, and to do something based on these ads (persuasive). Graphical presentation of the poster must be designed carefully, considering all aspects of the audience, and must be presented artistically, so that the designer can minimize the possibility of an audience that does not get or does not respond to the poster.

How to Make Good Design


The main thing that we need for good design is research. Development can begin by identifying the target market and audience motives, then we can make five major decisions, which in the case of advertising program called '5 M ':

  • Mission, is the purpose of advertising.
  • Money, is the magnitude of an advertising spending.
  • Message, is about the message or information to be conveyed.
  • Media, is a consideration in the use of the advertising medium.
  • Measurement, is about how the advertising results should be evaluated.

Each design has its own target and motive. Are we going to make a poster for the kids? What age? Where do they live? How indigenous cultures and customs of the society? What do they love? And what they don't? And there are many research questions and research to identify the audience so that we will know them well and can fulfill what they need in terms of design objectives. This will create a complete, effective and certainly more efficient design.

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