June 9, 2015

10 Free Minimalistic Fonts Ideal for Modern Design

Font selection can certainly enhance the look of design, be it website design, stationery, logo etc. Font that matches the color, layout or design concept will reinforce the theme or concept to be conveyed. To search for the most appropriate font sometimes requires a lot of time.

In this article we want to show you some examples of minimalist font that you can download for free. The flat design of the current trend also affects the development of modern minimalist font type that was later widely used on many websites.

Minimalist font can convey the impression of an elegant, simple and modern. For those of you who are working on the design project with the concept of minimalist, modern or flat, then these fonts may be the most suitable option.

Free Minimalistic Fonts for Modern and Clean Style Design

1. Modeka Free Modern Typeface via Gatis Vilaks

Modeka Free Modern Typeface
An elegant, modern and light font perfect for clean design Available for free download.

2. Kirvy Font Family via Youssef Habchi

Kirvy Free Font Family

Kirvy Font Family is another free font from Youssef Habchi. This is a simple sans serif font family available for free download both for personal and commercial works.

3. Asgalt The new Free Font via Remi Lagast

Asgalt The new Free Font

Asgalt is a free font designed by Remi Lagast which inspired by sci-fi, and created with geometric shapes.

4. Poiret Typeface via Denis Masharov

free poiret font

A fresh devorative geometric grosteque with a hint of ArtDeco and constructivism.

5. Simplifier Free Typeface via K A I W A

Simplifier Free Font

Simplifier is another beutifully designed font available for free download.

6. Anders Free Font via Tom Anders Watkins

Anders Free Font

Anders font is a free geometric typeface, it's perfect for clean poster design

7. Big John - Slim Joe New FREE typeface via Ion Lucin

Big John Slim Joe New Free Font

Slim Joe: A sister font of Big John an ultra light font which create a perfect and bold contrast. All capitals aplhabet, numbers and gliphs. For strong visual impact. Geometric and modern simple and rational forms for personal and commercial use design.

8. Coco Gothic Type Family via zetafonts

Coco Gothic Free Type Family

Coco Gothic is a contemporary geometric sans serif in the footsteps of traditional grosteque typefaces like Futura and Avantgarde. The cold, geometric shapes typical of those early modernism typefaces have been made softer and more contemporary by visual corrections and slightly rounded corners. Its name comes from the nickname of fashion beloved icon Coco Chanel.

Equipped with a rich array of historical variants, Coco Gothic is also an encyclopedia of styles from the last century, ready to transform itself and adapt to the mood of your text. It comes in six weights with matching italics and features an extended character set with open type support for small caps, ligatures, alternates, European languages, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

9. Lombok typeface via Alexandre Pietra

Lombok Free Typeface

Lombok font is a nice free minimalistic font perfect for poster and logo design available for free download.

10. Moon Free Font via Jack Harvatt

Moon Free Font

Moon is a clean, rounded, spacey font family with both thin and bold variations. This one is available for free download for personal use only.

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