April 20, 2010

Don't rush to buy an iPad

Can't wait to afford an iPad? Dont be hurry . Why is that? Mission Repair, a company specializing Macintosh repair reported finding loopholes in the camera frame iPad.

Although Apple does not resemble the built-in camera on the iPad was soon released, but the Mission Repair sure on the second generation iPad will be pocketing a built-in camera and webcam. These findings were disappointed at the same time those who have been waiting for the tablet device from Apple.

IPad Even when Steve Jobs used the launch presentation iPad also believed to have had a camera feature.

Mission Repair managed to bring in spare-parts manufacturer in the country iPad from China and when they observe the frame's iPad they found a gap which is believed as the slot to pair a built-in camera.

They also rushed to unload and take the camera's built-in MacBook and it fits both hole diameter up to ambient sensor!

Even the Mission Repair has announced on its Web site ready to serve repairs iPad - although iPad themselves are not sold freely in the market.

But certainty is not clear whether this camera will be present at the 1st gen iPad. Because the official website of Apple is not shown on camera about this. Or, if Apple's marketing scenario that is playing more and more fans are curious about the iPad?

Then there is another serious concern from fans about the Apple iPad productivity when used for work. Although this has been mentioned that the iPad will not shift the position of the notebook, but quite a lot of people disappointed that iPad ability if they can not be used for printing (print) the document because it does not have a port for it.

Conversely, the gadget freak in fact did not make it because of the document to be printed can be sent via email or wirelessly. Any recent printer machines have wireless capabilities in it.

Apart from the above problems, it seems Apple really clever marketing trick plays. Many millions of people around the world instantly fond iPad. There are many pros and the cons.

again...controversy was a very powerful way to provoke a person of interest

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I am all for the iPad as a networking tool for those people that are always on the move, but still need to be in touch.


I'm actually starting to get the idea of the iPad. But as with anything new, better wait a few generations, wait until the concept really is mature... and, usually, more affordable. Still, it's Apple, and while for some that's a selling point, to others, it's a thing to avoid out of principle :)


I am all for the iPad as a networking tool for those people that are always on the move, but still need to be in touch.


i hate ipad .. it just a useless thing like vista ..


I hope Mission Repair is right. I would love to have a new iPad with a front sight camera for Facetime. I'm counting on your post Mission Repair to bring me my dream.


The lack of a front facing camera on the iPad is frustrating this is clearly a strategic move by apple to increase sales of the iPad 2. That said, camera or no camera i still love mine!