November 12, 2010

Design and the Creative Process

Design and the Creative Process
Creativity and innovation always encourages us to move forward. As well as making breakthroughs cube-shaped watermelon to fit more in the refrigerator. That is the process of the fight against the philosophy of "I always procrastinate, that's why I became lazy." However, ask something to your friends about something creative and they will answer as if like eating a cup of ice cream with a rush.

Creativity and innovation is really a process that is very difficult to find and understand. Creativity and ideas are not coming from a command which when called will surely come, they often come from something you never even imagined before, like a lightning strike that with an instant suddenly comes on your mind, and direct you on something. The idea is similar to the police, they were not there when you need them, = D

Left and Right Brain

Educated people believe that the two hemispheres of our brain control 'mode' is different in the thinking process. This hypothesis was found by Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize award for his research in 1981. This mode is divided into as follows:

Design and the Creative Process

Left brain (do not imagine too high, you do not have two brain) associated with logical thinking, analysis and accuracy, while the right brain to focus on aesthetics, feeling and creativity.

Apparently the right brain hemisphere is a friend to be creative while the other hemisphere is our opponent in the creative process. New ideas usually come up with against the rules, ignoring boundaries, and the fact, speculated that no one ever do or even imagine.

Left brain work instead, researching, mensorting, and fixated on detail, which in general can be said sabotage our creative minds.

Use your right brain

Design and the Creative Process

Basically we will involve the use of right brain and left brain to let as much as possible during the creative process. Remember, this is brainstorming, we are not in the production process, here everything does not need logic. We need to take something from the brain and then translate it into a medium that can understand others-to discover the seeds of ideas like how to make a sudden a Ferrari in your garage.

The trick is to teach yourself to ignore the rules, habits and 'be like'. If you're making art design, do make a doodle. If you're writing, do make a scribble. If you are a lawyer, change your focus.

Even if you do not know where the results will be headed, you can not escape from unconsciousness. The creative process runs under mysterious circumstances.

Then the creative ideas and interesting ideas to emerge. Maybe not as fast as you can imagine, sometimes, you need to train your brain into an idea like this (especially you who work with the right hand / left-handed is not). So do it like that. If you find that brilliant idea you would be rich.

At some point, you get lots of ideas. Some of them can be worn or used and others can make your reputation broken to pieces.

Perform step backward

Design and the Creative Process

When you're done brainstorming, you need to think for a moment, stepped back and let it all settle in your mind. Usually sleep is the best thing that can be done for this. When you dream, your subconscious will guide put together something that is not done when you wake up. When you wake up tomorrow, maybe you'll have to get it.

Similarly, when you work on a project for a long time, you can become disoriented. There is something that feels awkward and strange, but you can not find or express. Another story, you think things have been perfect, remove it and after a few days you will find all kinds of terrible mistake. Then rest for a moment, relax and let the brain do its job.

Work in this way

Design and the Creative Process

When I write for this blog and when the article is not a critical obligation I usually write with a bit frivolous, no words or less correct, spelling, grammar, word order, choice of words are less precise, and other similar things. I wrote it quickly and do not reread. I ignore the details done lately has since become left-brain region. This way I get my right brain working optimally.

Similarly, when I'm making a new design I do not think: "I will make my image a ferocious lion, the nine-tailed rainbow colored tail" I'm just going to make a doodle, scrawled my photoshop brushes like crazy (very fun to see the expression other designers to see what I do), then apply various filters, I crop, make the blending, mixing it with a special mode and of course the special effects.

Using this process, it will eventually lead you to make a form or concept is worthwhile.

When I saw some of the designs that I have, I can almost certainly do not know how can I get a design like that. I know roughly what the results later, but the steps I did to achieve it is to be blurred.

Hang out, Coffee

Design and the Creative Process

This technique is to describe in a training design that recently I visited and it has worked well. The idea was originated by hanging out with non-designer or designer friends, make a topic of conversation, and let the ideas flow. Whatever the idea, they need to push it: 'Yes'.

How this is done to eliminate the fear of 'mad' to a group, the loss of fear usually will help you to make something appear. Wacky ideas, impossible ideas is not something to be understood but encouraged. When people become loose, this topic will usually lead to sex things, luck, and horror. But this is a concept used in demand everywhere, so do not worry.

Until we meet again

If you're still eager to find out whether your users left or right brain dominant please follow the quiz are you right or left handed?. You can train using the left brain by trying a few things like using your left hand at several jobs.

If there are questions, suggestions, feedback and creative ideas please post in comments.

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