March 30, 2011

A Brief description of Tone & Manner

description of Tone & Manner
What is the tone and manner? Some would have to know (If you have worked in graphic house or advertising agency). Usually the phrase "tone and manner" is one item of the brief job. But for those of you who have never worked of course be wondering what in the world's "tone and manner".

Tone & Manner

Tone and Manner

What do you think of when working on a design? Who are your clients? How to shape the layout and color? What size? (especially when making a particular design such as packaging, invitations, books or brochures). What kind of picture? (photo or illustration). What font would you use? And there are still many questions during the process of designing.

Well, all the above questions can actually be answered only with two words: "tone and manner. "

For example "tone and manner" of a brochure design for an apartment are: modern, elegant and simple, they would have answered all the questions above. Or another example, "tone and manner" of a brochure design for products such as perfume to target teens: feminine, dynamic, and modern.

description of Tone & Manner

With a few words of reference of the "Tone and Manner" of course you are able to conclude their own design such as what will be created and not have to think too much, right? If we already know that a design must be made: "feminine" and "modern" then we can use the font of modern and feminine character that may be suitable, as well as in terms of coloring, and so forth. I would recommend you to seek references on some ready-made designs that had same "Tone and Manner" (from magazines or the internet).


Tone & Manner of a brand can be defined set of properties, values and personality which is owned by the brand. Because the brand has a personality like human beings, then how we are to determine the tone and manner of a brand is to associate it with the properties possessed by humans.

Maybe you've heard conversations like this:

"Please make a logo for my company in the field of pharmacy. My company is a modern, robust, and mature".

Unconsciously, a series of adjectives that we met earlier is Tone & Manner. The words that describe the nature of the company describes as human nature.

These keywords became an important reference for a designer to work on ongoing project. These words became a kind of guide that will be translated into mood boards, color selection, typography used, layout, and other visual elements.

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