February 29, 2012

Fresh Colors Category | Color Characteristics

Fresh Colors Category
The colors that exist in our everyday lives are divided into several groups. Among them is the color that has a refreshing character. Fresh colors are usually preferred by those who are young at heart.

Fresh Colors Category

Some of the colors that have a character that is refreshing when applied to a room it can make the atmosphere more lively, bright, creating an inviting impression, fresh and natural, as well as uplifting. fresh color group is also able to create an impression of fun and improve your mood.

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Fresh Colors Category

Well, what are the colors that go into fresh color group?
See below:

Fresh Colors Category

  • Bluish white which gives the impression of a fresh and clean.
  • Light Yellow cheerful and gentle.
  • Yellow/ lemon / citrus, can create the impression of fun and enthusiasm to socialize, evoke emotion, and energy.
  • Leaf Green, identical to the fresh nature, associated with growth.
  • Lime green, apple green, brings freshness and enthusiasm.
  • Ocean blue, fresh and create a sense of ease.
  • Bright red, symbolizing the spirit, vitality, and courage.
  • Light Pink / pastel, for the impression of calm, soothe, and rejuvenate. Associated with the softness and freshness.

That was Some colors that can be applied to create the impression of fresh, and gives a pleasant feeling in your design.

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Amazing hue. I hope that you could shared some tips on to achieved this kind of color shade.