July 7, 2012

18 Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs

18 Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs
Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Packaging helps to establish brand identity in competitive markets and serves as an effective form of promotion both at the point of sale and while the product is being used. Packaging is particularly important for consumer products such as cigarettes, which have a high degree of social visibility. Unlike many other consumer products, cigarette packages are displayed each time the product is used and are often left in public view between uses.

Cigarette packages as well as packages of other tobacco products also serve as an important link to other forms of tobacco advertising. Package designs help to reinforce brand imagery that is communicated through other media, and play a central role in point-of-sale marketing.

For that I have showcase 18 creative tobacco packaging designs of premium packaging and elegant design. Enjoy!

18 Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs

1. Student Work Tobacco Packaging Designed by Paola Meraz

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Dark, rich, and flavorful, Burn Cigars are the ultimate trademark of masculinity and class. A classic icon of American humor and wit, George Burns was the inspiration behind the creation of Burn Cigars. As extemporaneous and off-the-cut as he was, George Burns never performed without a cigar in hand. For men in their late twenties and up, Burns Cigars is targeted for those with an appreciation and respect for fine quality and excellence. Black, wood, and aluminum were used in the design and appeal of these cigars, emblemmed after the late 1930′s when George Burns began his lifetime as a classic and awed performer.”

2. Gryllus Tobacco Packaging Designed by Martin Fürst

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

"I created this fictitious packaging in my free time. The project was to create a new brand of cigarettes. My plan was to make a alternative and high quality product. A Gryllus is a kind of grasshopper that lives in the tabacco fields of Japan where they eat the tabacco leaves and produce high quality fertilizer which gives the product a special taste.”

3. Camel No. 9 Tobacco Packaging Designed by Melncoly

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Packaging design for Camel No. 9 Brand. The package itself has a crocodile leather pattern and an embossing effect that creates the allure of leather.”

4. Skruf Snus Tobacco Packaging Designed by Neumeister

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“The Swedish snus challenger Skruf Snus AB launches a new suit for all Skruf cans in the company’s wide range. Behind the new design is Peter Neumeister from his own award-winning design agency. “Skruf’s a bit cocky identity is the main thread in all the boxes and we have also considered the functionality when renewing the design. The expression is simple, stylish and modern”, says Peter Neumeister.

5. Student Work Tobacco Packaging Designed by Bethany Heck

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“The Eephus League is a website dedicated to preserving baseball minutiae, including photographs, statistics, and trivia. The project also features a merch line, including a scorekeeping set, pencils, pins and a celebratory cigar set.”

6. Vogue Ephemere Tobacco Packaging Designed by Slava Fedutik

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

A beautiful cigarette packaging concept which feels heavily influenced by the flowing form of cigarette smoke.

7. Devil's Weed Tobacco Packaging Designed by Rockit Science Agency

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“The term “Devil’s Weed” was used by the Spanish Inquisition to discourage the use of tobacco. Based on this rich history, Rockit Science Agency took an old world approach to the design and development of this new cigar line.

The idea came from brainstorming the idea of what mephistopheles or “the devil” would package a cigar into in order to pursued the consumer to smoke his cigars. We realized he would want it to be subtle and not flashy, therefore the idea behind the look of the brand, using basic materials to create a unique and cohesive brand. Specially designed cedar boxes, handmade in the Dominican Republic, would double as packaging and point of sale display units.

Special cigar bands utilizing authentic gold powder and special printing processes were also used.”

8. Anti Smoking Cigarette Pack Concept Tobacco Packaging Designed by Reynolds and Reyner

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“People are dying throughout the world of diseases caused by smoking. This package concept shows how close this problem is to us. As every day each smoker carries this problem in his/her pocket. They carry death.”

9. Student Work Tobacco Packaging Designed by Matthew Smiroldo

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“All smokers have the problem of forgetting a lighter at the most inconvenient times. Nomad is a brand that I created to solve this problem with a self lighting aspect. The tip of the cigarettes echos the design of a match. When the cigarette is struck against the box it self lights and is ready to smoke. Reinforced by bamboo strips, these non traditional tobacco sticks are strong enough to strike but still have great flavor.

The packaging was created to resemble a matchbook, communicating the self lighting aspect. I wanted the graphics to convey a bohemian and edgy feel. Inspired from old western designs and matchbook covers i developed the nomad design solutions in three flavors.”

10. Student Work Tobacco Packaging Designed by Andreas Fossheim

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Last year I finished my graphic design studies at Westerdals School of Communication (Norway). For my diploma assignement, I decided to ask the question «What would a brand of legal cannabis cigarettes look like?» Wanting to distance the brand from regular cigarettes and the established design-language of coffeeshops, I opted for a fun, fifties-inspired identity. The «Northern Lights», «Pacific Wings» and «Deep Space» product names serve as an indication of product strength, as well as emphasizing the travel imagery in the Pilot name.”

11. Student Work Tobacco Packaging Designed by Derek Hunt

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“X Tobacco’s packaging tries to shy away from typical tobacco product branding as far as masking the true nature of the product. The brand (X) is the product and the product (cigarettes, tobacco, papers, filters, etc) is the brand. The packaging reflects this idea of transparency.”

12. Debonair Cigars Tobacco Packaging Designed by Royalt

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Debonair Cigars and Tobacco are designed with a focus on the early 1900′s. Stay confident, stylish, and charming.”

13. Joints Brand Tobacco Packaging Designed by Base

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Base ‘lights up’ pot-ential through creative reuse.

Base, an award-winning international design firm, announces that its concept packaging design for marijuana cigarettes will be featured in the upcoming issue of PRINT Magazine, on newsstands in mid July.

The magazine’s design challenge was simple: “What would a pack of marijuana cigarettes look like after legalization?” In response, Base has come up with a clean and simple design strategy that recycles mass-produced everyday items popularly used by smokers to transport their secret stashes. The design proposal suggests that anything – from a film canister to an Altoids’ tin – once painted white and marked with the iconic five-blade leaf sticker could be transformed into packaging. The bold, black-and-white design frees the containers from their previous commercial branding.

14. The Blackman Dop Kit Tobacco Packaging Designed by Daniel Blackman

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Items and habits handed down from my grandfather, to my father, to myself.”

15. Skruf Moist Snuff Tobacco Packaging Designed by Neumeister

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Input: Moist Snuff, a smokeless tobacco product placed under your upper lip, is widely associated with a blue-collar culture in Sweden. The company behind Skruf wanted to reposition the brand and appeal to a wider audience.

Output: New packaging in white that made the brand feel exclusive, luxurious, contemporary and unisex.

Outcome: Substantial increase in sales despite the declining market.”

16. Muse Cigarettes Tobacco Packaging Designed by Nathan Hinz

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

I stumbled across this lovely package on FFFFOUND. If anyone has any insight regarding the people responsible for it please let us know.

17. Capri Tobacco Packaging Designed by Richard Palmer

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“It was really a case that Capri ‘the super slim luxury cigarette’ had grown old with it’s consumer, it needed a face lift! Women didn’t want to be afraid to show the pack they were smoking, they wanted to be able to express their own personal chic style.”

18. Weatherbey’s Fine Tobacco Packaging Designed by Eli Horn

Creative Tobacco Packaging Designs for Inspiration

“Branding for boutique cigar shop, Weatherbey’s Fine Tobacco. Inspired by gentleman’s clubs, barber shops, lingering smoke, mahogany officeware, cuff-links and tie-clips, and the overall elegance of masculinity.”

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