December 3, 2012

25 Creative Restaurant Logo Design for Inspiration

Restaurant Logo Design
There are certain things to be considered when designing a restaurant Logo. If you plan to start a restaurant business, keep in mind that the restaurant logo should be easy and simple to read. However, the variance would not be free and would probably not fail to communicate your ideas. a logo for the restaurant should be able to represent the food you sell, it must be able to describe the restaurant concept, and of course it should be easy to remember.

In designing a restaurant logo, consider also that some of the unique color needs to be utilized in stimulate the appetite. Some argue that warm colors, like red and orange stimulate the appetite.

Do you realize that most fast-food restaurants are dominated by red color? Some of the most popular such as: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Carl's Jr. and TGI Fridays. Perhaps you think that it's just a coincidence. But maybe not.(read more:Color Psychology in Branding & Marketing)

So today, we'll be taking a look at restaurant logos. We will be showcasing 25 restaurant logo designs. We have selected some of the elegant and creative restaurant design logos for you to see! We hope you will enjoy viewing these exceptional restaurant logos and gain inspiration from them.

More Logo Inspiration:

25 Beautifully Designed Restaurant Logos

1. Logo for a sushi restaurant

Restaurant Logo Design

a well-designed Sushi Restaurant Logo.

2. Gourmet Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Logo for a high end sea food restaurant.

3. Excelente Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

a logo that suitable for wine market, bar and restaurants.

4. Smokey's Fish-House Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant logo done for fun.

5. Down Under Steak Company

Restaurant Logo Design

© 2011 Darren A. Price / Virtual Farm Creative, Inc. ///

6. Fish And Wine Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

This one is for sale. Please contact the designer if you are interested.

7. Mangioni Pizzeria A

Restaurant Logo Design

One of the unused proposals for the Italian eatery. This design combines a down to earth, relaxed, and personable aesthetic with a healthy, natural, and appetizing color palette.

8. SIDE restaurant logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Logotype made for restaurant in own style decision

9. Fishork Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Simple and clean logo for restaurant, bar and other food related companies. The logo is a combination between a fork and fish.

10. The Old Crab Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

The brief asked for a design that was "Quirky, fun, playful, edgy, smart yet simple"

11. Yamato | Japanese restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

A logo for Japanese restaurant, serving hibachi, sushi, and liquor

12. Lunch Time Bistrò

Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant logo as seen on

13. Restaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Design


14. GlobalCuisine Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Logo for restaurant

15. Figaro Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Figaro logo

16. Melty Way Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Logo redesign for a fast-casual grilled cheese restaurant concept.

17. American Harvest Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Modern restaurant logo for nostalgic company.

18. Lobstaurant Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

A logo inspired by logo design contest for fish restaurant, where the main element were an lobster's character.

19. Cafe 422 Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Logo/emblem concept that I have done for a contest proposal. Client was a restaurant/coffee place that serves fresh, homemade coffee.

20. La petit bouche Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

La petit bouche was first a logo concept that I have done as a contest proposal and then I decided to change it a little bit and make it my own personal project. It represents logo for a french fast food restaurant and bakery.

21. Los Artesanos / Restaurant - Bar Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Los Artesanos is a proposal I made for a client at first, then it becomes in a WIP because I decided to be a partner and open together our own restaurant. For the moment it´s only an idea... We have to work together to become it in a fact.

22. Bistro Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Logo for a restaurant.

23. Bison Logo

Restaurant Logo Design

Logo for a Steak house

24. Agriristoro logo

Restaurant Logo Design

A logo for a typical Restaurant in Umbria (Italy). The Client wanted something that represent three symbols, the wine bottle, the fork and the Temple of Clitunno (UNESCO heritage)

25. Food winne

Restaurant Logo Design

Food winne B&W// Restaurant Logo

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