January 21, 2013

5 Bad Types of Client to Avoid as a Freelance Designer

Client to Avoid
As a freelancers, especially in design business, of course, you will always be in touch with the client. Clients are considered a source of project and main income. In fact some believe the phrase: "The Client is King", right? However, in the way we relate to other human beings there must be that makes us queasy. It is true that in order to keep in touch with your clients, it not only requires patience alone but should also be accompanied by some special strategy. For starters, let's get to know more closely at some type of clients that may (and almost certainly) you meet in the freelance world.

Freelance Designer: 5 Types of Bad Clients You Should Avoid

the Indecisive Client

the Indecisive Client

Sometimes, we find that clients often change their minds. They don't know what they really want so they'll just let you figure it out yourself. This type may be difficult to control. It could be that you often get revised because clients want some added, change, or even the cancellation of a project! They will not hesitate to do this because they feel have control over the project. And more painful is usually the reason that they express somewhat unreasonable.

the cheapskate client

the cheapskate client

It is considered more severe than physical, but mentally. This economical type at the beginning of the agreement will usually ask you to mention the price you want. Later, he would bid the price by half, even less. The reason is usually something like: "Wow, I think it's way too expensive". It is true that we also need to give them a chance to bid price. However, remember that every job we do need to be rewarded fairly.

the Fussy client

Fussy client

Fussy clients usually have several characteristics such as: if they're asking something always pedantic, they are very intolerant of mistakes. Sometimes the reason they put such nonsense tend to find fault and say our work is incorrect and does not match their expectations. This type usually has a high standard, perfectionist, and detail-oriented. On the one hand, they will help in it's deliberations, but on the other hand they were very unhelpful with their fussy nature.

the unfriendly client

the unfriendly client

Since the initial meeting, they usually don't look friendly, and arguably arrogant. They are usually the type of clients that come from big companies who consider the work of a freelancer isn't proportional to their executive jobs. Type is what usually tends to be problematic when the contract expires, they tend to avoid payment, and difficult to contact when we need it to.

the eavesdroppers client

the eavesdroppers

There are two types of eavesdroppers. First, the type that asks about your rate, then the final decision like "I'll call again later" it means he's looking for the cheapest price and neglect quality. Second, the type who does not know boundaries. It may be tempting you commit a crime (corruption project value), or contacting you suddenly outside working hours (midnight).

Yes, as freelance designers we all have a duty to respect our client and to work in a professional way. In addition, we all have experienced irritation and anger at some frustrations. But now I want to hear from you.. Have you experienced getting mad with a client? I’d love for you to share your story in the comments.

*(Please refrain from using names of people or companies)

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