January 12, 2013

How to Create a Free Website With Jimdo

Create a Free Website With Jimdo
What is Jimdo? Jimdo is a Free Website Builder. The advantages of Jimdo Website Builder is on the web for online stores. Although you are not adept into web master, with Jimdo you can easily incorporate a variety of options for your website, do a great job for it, you can easily update and add new products for your online store.

Create a Website on Jimdo

Jimdo does not limit e-mail only on one hosting. You can register one email to many blog name. If you want a premium service from Jimdo you have to pay 5 euros - 15 euros per month. But in this tutorial I am not talking about how to create a Premium Jimdo website, but rather to show you how to create a free Jimdo website.

Broadly speaking, the steps to create a website on Jimdo is generally the same as in conventional services (blogspot, wordpress), but I would say that making a website on Jimdo is a bit complicated. Some factors such as lack of widgets, requires Jimdo users create their own html code.

How to Create a Website on Jimdo.com

How to Create a Blog Using Jimdo

Create a Website on Jimdo.com

  1. Visit this site http://www.jimdo.com
  2. Fill in the name of your website (Some website names might be taken already, so have two website names.)
  3. Fill in your email address
  4. Click on "Create My free Site!"

Check your inbox / Wait for a reply to get the Jimdo Login Password

what you can expect from Jimdo?

No Service Yes No
1 Storage Yes -
2 File Size Limit Yes -
3 FTP Up Load - No
4 SSH - No
5 Page Builder Yes -
6 Ad-free - No
7 Template Yes -
8 Domain Registration Yes -
9 Blog Yes -
10 Archive Status - No

1. Storage capacity: 500 MB
2. 10 MB file size limit

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