March 22, 2013

Avoid These 10 Errors When Designing Your Business Card

Errors When Designing Your Business Card
A business card is your introduction to the business. Leave a good business card behind and you permit an enduring impression; provide out a bad business card, then you've got sent across quite a negative image of yourself and your business. But not everybody will style exquisite business cards that look nice to the attention and convey vital information too. Once obtaining your card designed, be careful for these common mistakes that may become the explanation for the major failure of your business card.

Top 10 Mistakes Designing Business Card

Top 10 Mistakes Designing Business Card

1. Too Much tangle

A untidy business card is difficult to read and appears terribly unappealing. necessary information might get sunken if the card has an excessive amount of text and too many pictures, beating the aim of a business card within the first place. Tidily organized text and pictures, on the other hand, wreak a strong card for your business.

2. Little Information

Just as an excessive amount of data and a untidy card won't work well, holding back important information from the business card isn't a good plan either. Some folks simply mention their names on the business card with none contact details. Imagine the frustration of somebody who needs to contact this person.

3. Low Quality Business Card

Both paper and print quality are vital for a professional business card. Low quality pictures, ink scraping off, rubbed off text, etc are a good put off when it involves business cards. Similarly, skimping on paper price by employing poor quality paper will cause you or your business look cheap.

4. Mismatched Business Card Theme and Design

It's important to style your business card in a very approach that makes your business stand out. For instance, an advertising house's employer might have business cards that use vibrant colors and attractive pictures as they need to represent an essence of innovation and creativity. However a monetary consultant ought to be a lot of professional along with his card, like through the employment of well-designed fonts and colors or theme.

5. Bad Designed Business Card

A simple business card does not need to be boring, and a gaudy business card isn't necessarily attractive either. A business card that is hardly stand out reflects poorly on you and your business. After all, how can someone care regarding his own business if he cares less concerning one thing as little as a business card?

6. Hard to Read Fonts or Text

Make the writing on your card too tiny and nobody are going to be able to read it properly. Opt for a really small text shade and you have once more dimmed the business card's look and your probabilities of standing out. Opting the correct font size, family, and color is very important. the correct color and size are those that will be clearly read while not irritating your eyes.

7. Unusual Business Card Size

Imagine a card that does not match into anyone's pocket or wallet. Its next destination can most likely be the trash can. whereas you may assume that a card that is larger than other will extremely stand out, if the recipient cannot even keep it in his pocket, you have missed towards making it disposable.

8. Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Spelling and grammar errors on a business card shows that nobody cared to even check the whole business card content. There may be nothing as unproper as such mistakes on a business card because it shows an absence of concern for your own self image.

9. Ignoring the Logo or Brand

The business card represents not just for you, but additionally the business, company or brand that you simply represent. without a logo representing the business, the card can look terribly incomplete. Also, you may lose out on jutting the business and services you provide to people or client you meet, and fail to form it stand out.

10. Forgetting to Update the Information or Detail on Business Cards

Many corporations are so observant, they modify contact details on each personel's card if mobile numbers or the workplace location change. However not everyone seems to be like that. Some folks might have changed their phone number, but their business card still shows the number they used a year past. Can you imagine the frustration of a client who was quite keen on reaching this person and was wanting to buy his services.


These ten mistakes could appear like common sense to most readers, however these are extremely important tips. Ensure to avoid these 10 business card errors when designing your business card.

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