December 13, 2010

6 Characteristics of a Good Logo

If we are talking about aesthetics in a logo, maybe we'll knock no end because it is very relative. But when it comes to issues concerning good and the least, we will refer to the functionality, where a logo judged from its function and purpose. This time we will see some of the characteristics of a good logo and maybe that could be helpful tips for you all.

The characteristics of a good logo is:

1) Simple

Characteristics of a Good Logo

A good logo is the logo that is simple. The simplicity makes the logo easy to remember and flexible when applied to various visual media.

2) Unique

Characteristics of a Good Logo

A good logo must also be unique and easily distinguishable from the other logos (especially the logo of a competitor).

3) Memorable

Characteristics of a Good Logo

The next characteristic of a good logo is easy to remember. A memorable logo will support the company always occupy the top position in the minds of consumers. Indirectly this will increase sales and turnover of the company.

4) Timeless

Characteristics of a Good Logo

Redesigning a logo will take a lot of cost and time. In addition, changes in the logo also can confuse consumers and even allows the loss of many customers.

5) Flexible

Characteristics of a Good Logo

Logo will be used into the various visual media such as rubber stamps, acrylic, invoices, etc.. Therefore, a good logo should be placed on a variety of conditions and still not lose the actual shape.

6) Compatible

Characteristics of a Good Logo

Another feature of good logo is compatibility. The logo should be able to describe what is offered by the company. In this case, the tag line might be able to cover. But back again to the condition in which a logo should be placed into a variety of visual media and must stand on its own without the tag line.

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Jayce hi friend how are you. I want a graphic wit my photo. I want it is crazy and comic. If you say yes take my photo and make a graphic. How about it? :)))




Hey, im good. You? And sure you can! If you need some designs please contact me via email or click here, and do not forget to write a detailed description about what you want me to do with your design. :D



some cracking and timeless they say make it as simple as possible but not any simplier!


Thanks for the guidelines. I create collage art which tends to be involved, so designing a small logo with simplicity will be an interesting project.


6 different logos for one awesome personal logo :D