November 20, 2011

5 Ways to Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer

5 Ways to Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer
The Internet has folding space and time, making the south and north seemed to be limitless, it has changed the world, it has changed everything, including graphic designers. I think the above title is not an exaggeration! Yes, graphic designers are able to earn income through the internet even larger than the standard average earnings in their respective countries. But of course not as easy as it sounds. In addition to the ever increasing competition from day to day, designers are required to be diligent and work hard to make it happen. Here we're going to discuss five ways that can be practiced by graphic designers to earn money through the internet.

1. Online Portfolio

5 Ways to Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer

This is probably the most classic way to make money as a graphic designer. Just like in the real world, you will be easier to meet the client if you open a 'store'. In this case, your website or blog is a 'store' where you display your works there.

Well, should we create a website first? Not really! For you who don't have your own website or blog, you can ride on the alternative sites that provide space for the portfolio of artist and designer, for example:

By joining and opening an account in some sites above, it will be easier for you to meet potential clients. Not only from within the country, but also from abroad.

2. Microstock Sites

5 Ways to Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer

Microstock is one alternative that is quite enthused by those who want a passive income from their works. Passive income? Yup! Once submitted, your work will continue to be sold over and over again. The concept is simple, you create a file that is ready to be sold either icon, illustration, character, templates, background (in vector format) or photographic work and sell it there. Here, the quality is play a role. You will be competing with thousands of other designers with exceptional quality. But it should not be discouraged, some specialized skills such as illustration and drawing manuals can be a good differentiation for you to compete there.

Here is a list of the largest Microstock sites today:

Here is a resource that may be useful to begin joining the Microstock sites:

3. Envato Marketplaces

5 Ways to Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer

Envato marketplaces is an online digital marketplace that provides an arena for buying and selling of digital works such as graphic works, Wordpress templates, music, video, photography, etc.. In contrast to the Microstock, Envato marketplaces comes with a fairly broad scope to the qualifications and tougher competition. As a graphic designer, there are several categories in the Envato marketplaces that may suit our qualifications. Here are a few:

4. Design Contest

5 Ways to Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer

Design contests can also be an alternative to make money via the Internet. Although the results are highly speculative, it turns out there are many designers who managed to get a steady income from here.

Logo Design Contest:
The concept is simple, a company that needs a logo design, are going to hold a contest on this site, then the designers who are interested will directly submit their work with the brief provided and time allowed. Here are some sites that provide a logo design contest:

T-shirt Design Contest:
Similar to the logo design contest, on t-shirts, designer also submits work for a particular theme that has been determined and agreed upon deadlines. Here are some sites that provide t-shirt design contest:

5. Writing Tutorials

5 Ways to Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer

For you who have the ability to share design tips and tricks to write, you could try writing a tutorial in the online tutorial sites on the net. Some sites offer a hefty price for a tutorial published. Terms and qualifications of each well is different, so everything is back to you to decide which one will you choose. Here are some sites that will pay you to write a tutorial:

And here are some useful resources if you're interested in writing tutorials on the above sites:

18 Websites to Get Paid for Writing Helpful Tutorials
How To Write Effective And Engaging Design Tutorials

Well, how do you think? Some of the options is in sight, now you decide. Or if any of you who have already started, please share your story through the comment section.

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