April 15, 2013

The 7 Top E-contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

Top E-contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers
Graphic design world is growing simultaneously with the world of information technology that is currently popular. Every product of the physical form such as packaging design, business card design, logo design, T-shirt designs, as well as virtual products such as web-design, template, web app will be complementary to the field of graphic design.

Graphic design is a part of a successful strategy in marketing the product, and the world is looking for you as a professional graphic designer. And even more interesting is, in today's digital age many professional graphic designers who choose to work freelance as a method to work effectively and efficiently. Maybe you're one of them. But the problem is, how do you announce your design skills to the people out there? Have they examined your works?

In this article, I try to review some of the e-contest that already has several clients, both individuals and large companies, and designers ranging from newbie to professional.

Best E-contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

1. 99designs.com | Logo Design, Web Design and More

Contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

Founded by Mark Harbottle, Locked Lachlan, and Paul Annesley in February, 2008. Managed to get a reference to the # 1 online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design since 2008. This site provides e-contest logo, business cards, brocure, web apps, and many contests that you can follow for free. You may also be able to easily sell the logos you created through Logo Store. Interestingly, they do not just boost the designers creativity with fantastic reward alone, but also to promote you as a 'Gold Designer' when you proved quite creative, active, and productive. So, do not be afraid that you are probably still a newbie, because the competition is good to be used as learning, as we are faced with the world's top designers, and fortunately again, you can get it for free from their reviews. When you win, the funds can be issued via Paypal, Moneybooker, Western union.

2. Mycroburst.com | Leader in Graphic, Web and Logo Design Contests

Contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

Similar to 99designs, this site has only one disadvantage compared with 99designs. Mycroburst relatively less interactive displays descriptions in the contest. But do not trivialize it, Mycroburst can be used as training material for the newbie graphic designers. Why? Due Mycroburst provide less stringent rules on the client side at the beginning, so that designers can easily apply the method of 'trial and error' in the submission. Your work in the microburst can be used as your online portfolio to further expand your wings in the world of graphic design.

3. Logotournament.com | Logo Design by LogoTournament

Contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

In logotournament, the most striking difference is the strong appreciation feature. You will be rewarded with the rank of the highest, ie Gold, Silver, Bronzes, and Finalist in the lowest rank. Logotournament have more stringent rules than 99designs, so before you put your work, please read the rules first.

4. Fiverr.com | Graphics, marketing, fun and more online services for $5

Contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

This unique site that will pay you at least $ 5 for any services that you post. This value is considered to be very small for those who may be a professional. I myself have tried it and earn approximately $ 150. One pointer for those who try to be consistent in Fiverr, create a service that is truly unique, difficult to imitate, much needed, and be consistent in all three. There have been many success stories, you can find at Fiverr's blog.

5. Freelancer.com | Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online

Contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

freelancer.com not only provide e-contest, initially Freelancer is a place where we can offer services and our ability to project issued by the client. Contest on 'Freelancers' similar to the' Microburst ', but less interactive as '99desings' in conveying the contest description, and also still full of fake contest that will lose its luster. However, Freelancer is promising sizable reward if we participate in their e-contest.

6. Donanza.com | The easiest way for freelancers to find new freelance jobs

Contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

This website is actually more a portal website, where Donanza.com gathering projects in progress, from a number of sources such as 99designs, Freelancer, microburst and can be accessed through its website (donanza.com). Additionally donanza provide online portfolio as well.

7. Designcontest.com | Logo Design, Web Design and other Graphic Design Contests

Contest Sites for Freelance Graphic Designers

Almost the same as in the other contest website provider. Because this website has been long established, so most designers are expert.


"Many roads lead to success", there are many ways to channel our talents and our abilities, especially in the field of graphic design. In addition, many of the freelancers using the contest to be used as self-sharpening ability, not only for economic purposes only. As a professional designer, initial mindset that must be applied are: design for the client, not for the money.

Look for your first client, then the money and science will always follow your journey as a freelancer. Good luck!

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I've had some success with fiverr but should try something else. I think it is good short term unless you think of some really creative gigs. Freelancer is next up!


DoNanza looks very interesting, this is the first I've heard of it. I love Fiverr but haven't used it for logos. I like 48HoursLogo.com for logo contests.


Yeah this is good i also need good designing software.

Toronto web developers


Thanks for sharing the list of top freelance websites. It will helps lot to choice the good platform for freelancing