April 13, 2013

Design and Marketing: Two Sides of the Coin

Design and Marketing
Design and marketing has a strong relationship, which cannot be separated. It is important to know the relationship between the two, to understand both strategy and realize that the relationship between design and marketing is a mutual symbiosis, the relationship is mutually beneficial.

Design and Marketing

Marketing is a business activity to promote or sell products and services including research and advertising. The relationship between design and marketing is that good design helps people understand the information to be conveyed through marketing methods.

Promotion originated from knowledge or information about the product or service offered by a business. This information is certainly related to the benefits your product or service to the target audience. Marketing communication strategies have been increasingly developed in a variety of ways, one of which is: design. Then the relationship between design and marketing are closely linked and interdependent.

Design and marketing are complementary and potentially generate a profitable relationship with each other. Marketers can make reliable marketing strategy into a design interpreted by experienced designers who understand more than just the latest trend in the design world.

Design and Marketing

Experienced designers will be able to translate a marketing message into beautiful designs and attract many people.

Neither the experienced designers would want a clear marketing briefs so that he will be able to carry out a given design can work within their marketing objectives. Marketing objectives and design strategies mutually need each other to show clients on strategic concepts and clear image that can lift products and increase sales.

Various advertising campaign illustrates how strong the relationship between design and marketing. For example, Marks and Spencer's brand had success using Your M & S campaign using twiggy icon to revive the credibility of the product and brand quality. Another example that illustrates the relationship between design and marketing is the promotion of De Beers, which has been managed successfully with "A Diamond is forever" as an engagement ring icon. While the design and marketing linkages also exist in the coca cola brand in 1939 using the icon father Christmas to promote their soft drink and make it very successful.

Design and marketing always go hand in hand. Each designer will certainly want a clear marketing knowledge to be able to produce a design that is able to increase the brand awareness of a product.

Marketing itself is a framework for quality design wherever possible to steal the attention of many people. In a business context, this framework is usually derived from both qualitative and quantitative research. Marketing framework will use design as a tool to achieve the desired business goals.

Design and marketing are two sides of the coin and what binds them is the focus and understanding of what is needed by the target customer. To make good marketing strategy brand owners must understand whom their customer targets. To produce a good design work, each designer must also understand the marketing strategy to be executed by the client, as well as their customer targets.

If you are a brand owner who wants to make the design and marketing strategies to be mutually beneficial then you should do is to know and understand whom your customer target. Although you have a marketing strategy as well as the output of good design, but if they are not on target then it will be wasted.

Good marketing plan is based on research on who your customers are and what they needed. After that the next step is looking for an experienced designer who can translate your marketing message.

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